Our research

Our academics at the Department of Sociology represent a range of research interests.

We are particularly strong in the sociology of islands, the labour market, medicine and health, art, cities, environmental movements, cosmopolitanism, and the habitat. Besides its resident staff complement, our Department regularly benefits from the services of practitioners of sociology and related areas residing in Malta.


Dr. Gillian M Martin: Sociology of Health, Illness and Medicine, Sociology of the Body, Ethical, Legal and Societal Implications of biobanking and genetic research.   

Prof. Mark Anthony Falzon: Environmental anthropology; human-wildlife interactions, especially conservation; trade diasporas; urban anthropology; multi-sited ethnography 

Prof. Godfrey Baldacchino: social change, labour relations, sociology of space, island studies, small state studies, organisational behaviour

Prof. Mario Vassallo: Sociology of Religion Social Policy, Social Change, European Affairs, Socio-Medical issues 

Dr. Michael Briguglio: politics, social movements, the environment and social policy 

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