Master of Arts in Human Rights Law and Practice

Master of Arts in Human Rights Law and Practice

Course Title

Master of Arts in Human Rights Law and Practice

MQF Level


Duration and Credits

3 Semesters


Mode of Study


Information for International applicants

Applicants must be in possession of:

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  1. a Bachelor degree in Law obtained with at least Second Class Honours or with at least Category II, or in Social Sciences, or in the Political Sciences, or in International Relations, or in Humanities or
  2. a Bachelor degree obtained with at least Second Class Honours or with at least Category II in any other area of study deemed relevant by the Board.

The admission of applicants under paragraph (b) shall be made conditional on the result of an interview.

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Applications for our February and October intakes have been officially open since the third week in November. You can submit your application online. The deadlines for submission of applications vary according to the intake and courses. We encourage all international applicants to submit their applications as soon as possible. This is especially important if you require a visa to travel and eventually stay in Malta.

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The aim of the Master of Arts in Human Rights Law and Practice is primarily to provide a multi-disciplinary and in-depth teaching of human rights law. It aims at giving you theoretical knowledge and practical know-how of human rights through an analysis of human rights concepts, international, regional and national documents, and the application of such concepts and documents in practice.


In addition to the compulsory study-units students are required to choose study-units to the value of 30 ECTS credits from the elective study-units offered during Semester 2. A minimum of 5 ECTS credits should be chosen from the practical elective units and a minimum of 5 ECTS credits should be chosen from the substantive elective units.
Semester 1
Compulsory Units (All students must register for this/these unit/s)
PBL5030 Human Rights Theory and Political Philosophy 5 ECTS    
PBL5031 Human Rights within the National Legal Framework 5 ECTS    
PBL5032 Human Rights Obligations and State Institutions 5 ECTS    
PBL5033 Methodology, Research Skills and Legal Analysis 5 ECTS    
PBL5034 International Protection of Human Rights 5 ECTS    
PBL5035 Rights and Freedoms - Civil, Political, Social, Economic and Cultural 5 ECTS    

Semester 2
Elective Units (Elective units are offered subject to availability, a minimum number of student registrations and time-table constraints)Practical Elective Units
PBL5036 Judicial Enforcement of Human Rights 5 ECTS    
PBL5037 Non-Judicial Enforcement of Human Rights 5 ECTS    
PBL5038 Human Rights Advocacy 5 ECTS    
Substantive Elective Units
PBL5039 Family, Family Life and Children in Human Rights Law 5 ECTS    
PBL5040 Communication Freedoms 5 ECTS    
PBL5041 Dignity in Health Care, Ethics, Morality and Human Rights 5 ECTS    
PBL5042 Development and Environment - Human Rights Issues 5 ECTS    
PBL5043 Equality and Non Discrimination 5 ECTS    
PBL5044 Human Rights: Migration, Human Trafficking and Human Smuggling 5 ECTS    
PBL5045 Criminal Justice, International Criminal Law and Human Rights 5 ECTS    

Summer Semester

Compulsory Units (All students must register for this unit)
PBL5023 Dissertation 30 ECTS    


This programme of study is governed by the General Regulations for University Postgraduate Awards, 2021 and by the Bye-Laws for the award of the Master of Arts in Human Rights Law and Practice - M.A. - under the auspices of the Faculty of Laws.

By the end of the course, you will obtain:

  1. a knowledge of human rights concepts, treaties, conventions and applicable laws, and systems of protection of human rights,
  2. an ability to apply human rights concepts, regulation and procedures to factual situations,

    c. a knowledge of the procedures for redress and other methods of promoting human rights.

Non EU Applicants:

Total Tuition Fees: Eur 10,800

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As a graduate of the Master of Arts in Human Rights Law and Practice, you will be able to:

  • Progress in the academic field and move on to follow PhD programmes.
  • Take your careers further and work as an educator or promoter of human rights within your national education or justice system.
  • Seek employment with NGOs, national, regional and international organisations such as the Council of Europe and the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality.

Humanities Stream


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