Faculty Board



Deputy Chairperson

Heads of Department

Dr Stephanie Bezzina Wettinger - Applied Biomedical Science
Dr Ritienne Grima - Communication Therapy
Dr Claire Copperstone - Food Sciences and Nutrition
Prof. Sandra Buttigieg - Health Services Management
Prof. Carmel Caruana - Medical Physics 
Dr Josianne Scerri - Mental Health 
Dr Josephine Attard - Midwifery
Dr Maria Cassar - Nursing
Dr Marjorie Bonello - Occupational Therapy
Dr Stephen Lungaro Mifsud - Physiotherapy
Dr Paul Bezzina - Radiography

Elected departmental representatives

Dr Rosienne Farrugia - Applied Biomedical Science
Dr Rachael Agius - Communication Therapy
Prof. Vasilis Valdramidis - Food Sciences and Nutrition
Dr Kenneth Grech - Health Services Management
Vacant - Medical Physics 
Dr Michael Galea - Mental Health 
Dr Josef Trapani - Nursing
Mr Rene Mifsud - Occupational Therapy
Dr John Xerri de Caro - Physiotherapy
Dr Alfred Gatt - Podiatry
Dr Francis Zarb - Radiography

Student representatives

Ministerial representatives