Continuing professional development

Each academic year, the Faculty of Health Sciences offers a number of Continuing Professional Development study-units for registered practitioners. The study-units are aimed to keep health professionals abreast of the continuing advances in the medical field and related technologies.


Please refer to the following links for further information about Continuing Professional Development study-units to be offered during next academic year:


Call for Applications - Academic Year 2022/3

Semester 1 Study-Units 

HSC3020 - Dealing with Ethical Dilemmas in Health Care Practice

IHC3014 - Learning in Practice

MID4012 - Perineal Care and Repair for Midwives

NUR2533 - First Aid for Healthcare Professionals

NUR4145 - Leading and Managing Services in the Care of Older Adults

HSC5003 - Understanding Health Behaviour and Promoting Diabetes Self-Management

HSC5005 - Applied Clinical Education in Health Care Practice

HSM5115 - Basic Principles of Patient Safety

HSM5116 - Basic Principles of Clinical Risk Management

HSM5117 - Systems Analysis and Quality Improvement Scientific Techniques

NUR5128 - Resuscitation and Immediate Care

NUR5129 - Skin and Wound Care

NUR5132 - Implementation Science

NUR5134 - Infection Prevention and Control for Healthcare Facilities

POD5002 - Vascular Assessment of the Lower Extremities


For further details regarding application dates, applicable fees and how to apply follow these instructions.