Faculty of Health Sciences

Continuing professional development

Continuing professional development

Each academic year, the Faculty of Health Sciences offers a number of Continuing Professional Development study-units for registered practitioners. The study-units are aimed to keep health professionals abreast of the continuing advances in the medical field and related technologies.

Call for Applications - Academic Year 2023/4

Year Study-Units / Closed

NUR5127 - Emergency and Urgent Care

NUR5128 - Resuscitation and Immediate Care

NUR5130 - Emergency Trauma Care

POD5002 - Vascular Assessment of Lower Extremities


 Semester 1 Study-Units / Closed

HSC5003 - Understanding Health Behaviour and Promoting Diabetes Self-Management

HSC5005 - Applied Clinical Education in Health Care Practice

HSM5107 - Research Methods, Epidemiology and Statistics in Health Studies

HSM5113 - Designing Effective and Efficient Health Systems

IHC3014 - Learning in Practice

MID2014 - Physiotherapy in Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Women

MID4101 - Engaging with the concept of normality in Midwifery

MID5002 - Research Methods Applied to Midwifery

NUR5129 - Skin and Wound Care

NUR5132 - Implementation Science

NUR5133 - Advanced Cancer Nursing and Pathways to Cancer Care

NUR5134 - Infection Prevention and Control for Healthcare Facilities

NUR5145 - Antimicrobial Stewardship: Managing Antibiotic resistance

RAD5020 - Safe Use of Venous Access Devices for Radiological investigations

RAD5021 - Operational Radiopharmacy: Towards a safe and effective approach


Semester 2 Study-Units

HSC1000 - Digital Health for Health Professionals

HSC3022 - Social Media in Health Care: Opportunities and Challenges

HSL5001 - Corporate Social responsibility in Healthcare

HSL5002 - Advanced Human Factors Ergonomics (HFE) and Patient Safety

HSM5109 - Organizational Behaviour, Human Resources Management and Operations Management

HSM5110 - Financial Management and Health Economics

HSM5120 - Application of Tools and Practices to Enhance Patient Safety and to Manage Clinical Risk in Context

IHC3008 - Clinical Decision Making 

IHC3016 - Death, Dying and Care

MID5007 - Public Health and Health Promotion in Midwifery

NUR5131 - Advanced Nursing Management of Critically Ill Patients 


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