Faculty of Health Sciences

Our staff

Our staff


Dr Stephen Lungaro Mifsud

Deputy Dean

Dr Josef Trapani

Heads of Department

Prof. Rosienne Farrugia - Applied Biomedical Science
Dr Ritienne Grima - Communication Therapy
Dr Petra Jones - Food Sciences & Nutrition
Prof. Sandra Buttigieg - Health Systems Management 
Dr Alexei Sammut - Mental Health
Dr Rita Pace Parascandalo - Midwifery
Dr Trevor Abela Fiorentino - Nursing
Dr Marjorie Bonello - Occupational Therapy
Dr Stephen Lungaro Mifsud - Physiotherapy
Dr Stephen Mizzi - Podiatry
Dr Jonathan L. Portelli - Radiography


Co-ordinator of Unit

Prof. Carmel J. Caruna - Medical Physics 


Administrative staff

Faculty Manager

Ms Anne Marie Debono Hollyoak


Faculty Office

Ms Sharon Micallef  
Ms Doris Wright 
Ms Dianne Azzopardi


Finance Officer

Mr Alfred Stagno Navarra


Office of the Dean

Ms Marthese Gauci 


Departmental staff

Ms Christabel Vella - Applied Biomedical Science
Ms Jessica Hingary - Communication Therapy
Ms Miroslawa Alfreda Piorkowska - Food Sciences & Nutrition/Medical Physics
Ms Norah Ann Abela - Health Systems Management and Leadership 
Ms Marika Spagnol  - Mental Health
Ms Kimberley Buttigieg - Midwifery 
Ms Mila Milikina - Nursing
Ms Miriam Avellino - Nursing
Ms Enya Maria Haber - Nursing  
Ms Marthese Gauci - Nursing 
Ms Melita James - Nursing
Mr Justin Paul Azzopardi - Occupational Therapy
Ms Romana Mrackova - Physiotherapy
Mr Noel Vassallo - Radiography
Ms Sarah Anne Falzon - Podiatry 


Ms Eve Lowell


Technical staff

Faculty Assistant Laboratory Manager

Mr Joseph Mark Gatt 


Mr Clayton Axiak - Applied Biomedical Science

Ms Bernice Zarb - Nursing

Ms Anthea Zammit - Communication Therapy/Occupational Therapy/Physiotherapy

IT Services

Mr Christian Attard

Mr Malcolm Borg Galea


Ms Roseanne Fenech
Ms Magdalene Spiteri