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Travelling smart

Travelling smart


At UM we actively encourage staff and students to use greener transport options.

In order to reduce its carbon footprint, over the last few years we have worked to improve transport options, resulting in:

- Getting to UM Travel Information Website for UM members 

- Investment in Walking and Cycling infrastructure 

- Public transport fund schemes for staff and students

- Flexibility and Teleworking option for staff

The University of Malta has a travel plan in place, which is beneficial as part of the planning and development process and provides direction for supporting sustainable travel and reducing reliance on single-occupancy car trips. In order to review and update the travel plan, the University conducts travel surveys to find out more about the travel patterns and choices of our staff and students. The last Green Travel Plan (GTP) Survey was carried out in June 2018.

The University of Malta main campus is situated in Msida, next to Mater Dei Hospital, a prime location reached easily by bus from all the localities on the island. The other UM campuses such as Junior College, the Gozo Campus and the Valletta Campus are also well served by public transport links.