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The UM Single sign-on (SSO) enables staff and students to access different UM services (e.g. Google Workspace, eSIMS, AIMS, VLE, eJournals etc.) by signing in once using their UM email address and password.

More information and instructions about the UM SSO.

You need to have a UM IT Account in order to access UM services. More information about getting a UM IT Account.

You can find instructions on the procedure to follow if you have forgotten your password.

Remember that the password field is case-sensitive, so make sure to use the correct capitalisation. You will be notified if Caps Lock is on while typing your password. Follow these instructions if you have forgotten your password.

You can use either any backup devices you may have set up or the backup codes as another form of verification. This can be done by selecting Choose another method to get a verification code.

If you do not have access to these, please follow the account activation process again by signing in with your e-ID account or using the activation code given to you by the HRMD at the start of employment (staff) or found in your acceptance letter (students).

The account activation process allows you to change your primary contact number, set up the smartphone authenticator and/or a backup device, and generate backup codes.

You can find instructions on how to get an activation code in the Get a UM IT account page.

When you sign in, your name and surname will be displayed at the top-right of the screen. If you have more than one type of UM IT Account (for example, you are both staff and a student of the University), the type of account is shown next to your name. In the case of a role account, only the name of the account is displayed.

More information about signing in.

You are only able to access services which you have permission to access. If you have more than one type of UM IT Account (for example, you are both a student and staff of the University), make sure that you are signed in with the correct UM IT Account. The type of account will determine which services you have access to (e.g. if you are signed in as a student, you will not be able to access AIMS). To switch between accounts, sign out from one account and sign in with the email address and password of the other account.

If you still cannot access your account, contact IT Services.

When you click on the Sign Out link, you are not just signing out of the particular service which you are currently using, but you are signing out of the SSO system. Therefore, access will be revoked from all other UM services.

If you have another query regarding SSO or signing in, contact IT Services.