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Two-factor authentication (TFA)

Two-factor authentication (TFA)

The UM IT Account activation process includes the setting up of Two-Factor Authentication (TFA). TFA prevents unauthorised access to UM services (e.g. email, AIMS, eSIMS, VLE etc) even if the password may have been accidentally disclosed.

Access to UM services requires:

(a) a password and
(b) a verification code generated automatically on your smartphone or sent to you via SMS or voice call.

The verification code consists of a number of digits. This needs to be entered ONCE every month if you are using the same web browser on the same device (computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone). A different verification code will be required every time it is requested by the system.

The verification codes will be available as follows:

(a) Smartphone with Authenticator (Recommended) 
You will need to set up an Authenticator application on your smartphone (Android, iPhone etc). The Authenticator generates the verification code even when the smartphone is not connected to the Internet or is outside mobile coverage.

(b) SMS Text Messaging
If you do not have a smartphone, you can receive the verification code via SMS on your mobile phone.

Should the mobile phone be unavailable, you can use the underlying methods (backup phone numbers and backup codes) to get the verification code.

Backup phone numbers

If the mobile phone is not available, you can opt to receive the verification code on a landline phone or another mobile phone (e.g. guardian’s mobile number). You can add or update your backup phone numbers from the Manage UM IT Account interface.

Backup codes

If you cannot receive verification codes on both your primary phone and your backup phone number/s, you can enter a backup verification code instead. You should print the list of backup verification codes and keep them somewhere safe but convenient (e.g. in the wallet).

Each backup code can only be used once. You can generate backup codes from the Manage UM IT Account interface.

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