Start of semester checklist

This section contains a basic set of guidelines that tutors should follow at the start of each semester:

Access the VLE and make sure that all your study-unit areas are listed. Note that only study-units on offer during the current and past academic years are available in the VLE. If you cannot find any of your study-units in the VLE, check that you are registered on SIMS / eSIMS JC as a tutor for the missing study-unit/s:

  1. Access eSIMS / eSIMS JC.
  2. Click:
    • View / Print Study-Unit Reports under Study-Unit Reports and Email Facility in eSIMS, or
    • View / Print Class Reports under Subject Reports in eSIMS JC.
  3. Select the academic year, e.g. 2020/21.
  4. Click the Retrieve Study-Units button.

If the study-unit/s do not appear on eSIMS / eSIMS JC, contact your faculty or departmental office / Office of the Principal so that they can register you as a tutor for the missing study-unit/s. Once data is entered in SIMS, the study-unit/s will appear in the VLE within 24 hours.

You can immediately start uploading study material directly on the VLE. Refer to these guidelines related to the typical content of the VLE area of a study-unit which is delivered in a face-to-face mode.

If you want to copy the study material from an archived study-unit area or from your sandbox area, use the VLE Copy Tool. This online tool copies all the files, resources and activities that the tutors have set up for students, except for any submissions made by students, such as assignments, forum posts, etc.

Before you make the study-unit area available to students (see below), 'proof-read' your area. Click on the learning resources and external links to ensure that the correct content is displayed.

By default, study-unit areas are not immediately visible to students. A grey coloured study-unit title indicates that the study-unit area is hidden from students. A red coloured study-unit title indicates that the study-unit area is visible to students.

When you are ready to make your study-unit area visible to students:

  1. Access the VLE and click on your study-unit area.
  2. In the Show study-unit to students block (right side of the page), click the Show button.
  3. The study-unit area will immediately be made accessible to students. 
Subsequently, all students registered to the study-unit on eSIMS / eSIMS JC are automatically granted access to the study-unit area.

Students can access the VLE by signing in using their UM IT Account. Upon accessing the VLE, your study-unit area will be listed. Students who experience issues with accessing the VLE should be directed to IT Service Desk.

Note that First Year and Resit students will not be able to access their study-unit areas immediately, until their student records are settled. Typically these students will be able to access their study-unit areas around the third or fourth week of October.