Sandbox area

The sandbox area is an area within the VLE that can be used for the preparation of study material and for exploring the features of the VLE. By default, all academic staff are automatically assigned one sandbox area.

The sandbox area uses a generic name, e.g. Joseph Borg - Sandbox, rather than the official study-unit title. The sandbox area cannot be accessed by students. Furthermore, it is not possible to use Turnitin Assignment activities in the sandbox area.

No requests are required to start using the sandbox area. Staff can access their sandbox area as follows:

  1. Access the VLE Dashboard.
  2. Within the My VLE areas block, choose UM / JC Sandbox.

If you share your study-unit with another tutor, read FAQ 4.

Kindly contact us so that a joint sandbox area can be created. Make sure to indicate the tutors who require access to the joint sandbox area, including their UM email addresses. The area will be created within two working days.

By default, all academic staff are automatically assigned one sandbox area. If you require more areas, contact us and indicate the number of sandbox areas that you require.

If you have material, such as resources and activities, in the sandbox area that needs to be transferred to a study-unit that will be offered next academic year, you will be able to do so early every September. You will be notified by email when the new study-unit areas are available.

The material can be copied from the sandbox area to a study-unit area via the VLE Copy Tool.

The sandbox area in the VLE will remain available for the duration of your employment at University. Once you prepare the material in your sandbox area and copy this to a study-unit area, you probably do not need this material in the sandbox area. You can therefore proceed with deleting the material in the sandbox area for it to be re-used. However, more sandbox areas can be allocated for use if these are required (read FAQ 5).