CMS and web hosting

IT Services offers web hosting for departmental, staff and project websites.
Refer to the Standard Operating Procedure: Requests for new web presence & email address 

Departmental websites are set up with the standard University template using the Web Content Management System (CMS). The CMS facilitates the publishing, editing and modifying of web content through a simple web-based interface. The majority of the UM websites are based on the Squiz Matrix Web CMS, but a number of webpages are transitioning to the new Web CMS: Terminalfour.

Staff are to adhere to the UM branding guidelines provided by the Marketing, Communications & Alumni Office when populating departmental websites.

If a new departmental website needs to be set up, the departmental representative should contact the Web Policies team, in order to prepare the website template for the new department on the Web CMS, and to grant editing rights to the staff who will be responsible for updating the website. Refer to the Standard Operating Procedure   section 6.1.

Documentation on the use of the Web CMS is available.

Staff may wish to set up a personal website to showcase their research. IT Services can provide web hosting on the University web servers for staff websites. Staff should contact IT Services to discuss their requirements.

Note that teaching and learning resources related to study-units should not be uploaded on staff personal websites. These resources should be uploaded in the UM VLE.

Staff coordinating the setup of a website for a University-related project are advised to contact the Web Policies team to discuss their requirements. If the website is exempted from using the UM branded template (refer to the URL policy) and requires hosting, IT Services can assist staff with the following:

  • Drafting technical specifications for the provision of the design and development of the project website
  • Evaluating technical specifications offered by suppliers 
  • Providing hosting on the University servers for websites based on the WordPress CMS.

Refer to the Standard Operating Procedure   section 6.4.

It is important that staff consult the Marketing, Communications & Alumni Office and IT Services before proceeding with procurement procedures related to web design and development services.

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