Reading Lists

Reading Lists

Leganto is a Reading Lists solution which allows academics to easily create dynamic Reading Lists while providing students with reliable access to the content and a more streamlined experience.

Benefits of Leganto:
  • Availability of resources being recommended on the study-unit
  • Reading List Seamless access from VLE Full leverage of Library subscriptions
  • Reuse of previously established Reading Lists
  • Stronger institutional communication and collaboration between different UM entities

Wednesday, 7 April - 10:00 - via Zoom BOOK
Tuesday, 20 April - 14:00 - via Zoom BOOK
Thursday, 6 May - 09:00 - via Zoom BOOK
Friday, 21 May - 12:30 - via Zoom BOOK
Wednesday, 2 June - 15:00 - via Zoom BOOK

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