MedAgenda editions

Malta: Selected Essays in Governance and Public Administration, Pirotta, G. - January 2021

Towards a Post Pandemic Euro-Med Strategy, Calleya, S. (Ed.) - June 2020

Cooperative Security and the Mediterranean, Wohlfeld, M. (Ed.) - April 2020

Transatlantic Relations and the Mediterranean, Wohlfeld, M. (Ed.) - April 2019 

What Future for the Iran Nuclear Deal? Med Agenda, Calleya, S. & Wohlfeld, M. (Eds.)  - April 2018  

Finance Readings for Diplomats, Consiglio, J. - August 2018  

Shifting geopolitics in the Arab World 1945-2017, Khader, B. - February 2018  

Arraiolos Malta 2017, 13th meeting of the Heads of State of the Arraiolos Group - December 2017  

The Mediterranean and the Global Strategy, Mogherini, F. - December 2016  

Perspectives in a Changing Mediterranean, Essays in honour of Dr. Joe Borg - September 2016  

Good Offices: A Swiss Speciality, Burkhalter, D. - March 2016  

Helsinki plus 40: The Mediterranean Chapter of the Helsinki Final Act and the Future of Mediterranean Co-operation, Calleya, S. & Wohlfeld, M. (Eds.)  - February 2016  

A new era after the fall of the Berlin Wall: Challenges for Germany's foreign policy, Brandes, K-P. - May 2015  

OSCE Code of Conduct: Outreach Conference for the Southern Mediterranean Region (Tunis, 2015), Lutterbeck, D. & Wohlfeld, M. 2015

The Arab Middle East and the West: where to from here?, Bowker, R. - October 2014  

OSCE Code of Conduct: Regional Conference for the Mediterranean, Lutterbeck, D. & Wohlfeld, M. - January 2014  

Civil Society and Democratisation in Societies in Transition, Wohlfeld, M. - January 2014  

Foreign Policy and The Cultural Factor A Research and Education Agenda,  Ester, P. & Nispen, P. - October 2013  

The United Nations General Assembly and the Mediterranean, Borg, S. - June 2013  

The European Union and the Arab World: from the Rome Treaty to the «Arab Spring», Khader, B. - March 2013  

Objectives, principles and recent developments of Swiss Foreign Policy, Regazzoni, B. - January 2013  

Democratic Transitions: Perspectives and Case Studies, -  Grech, O. (Ed.) - Summer 2012  

The Role of Turkey in the European Energy Market,  Yilmaz, B. - February 2012  

Towards a New Southern Mediterranean Region?, Calleya, S. & Wohlfeld, M. (Eds.) - August 2011  

The Changing Role of Civil Society in the Euro-Mediterranean Area, Spencer, C.- March 2011  

The Necessity of Inter-Faith Diplomacy: The Catholic/Muslim Dialogue,  Heft, J. - November 2011  

Tribute to Professor Guido de Marco - July 2011  

The Malta Turn of Europe The European Union in the age of globality, Kühnhardt, L. - February 2010  

Development Cooperation in the 21st Century: Looking Beyond the Surface, Dahinden, M. - December 2010  

The United States And The Mediterranean: A New Strategic Context, Lesser, I. - Summer 2009  

Water Diplomacy in a Changing World: Adapting to New Paradigm Shifts, and the Need for

New Innovative Tools, Hefny, M. - January 2009  

The reform of the Security Council of the United Nations: Why still an open question?, Fulci, F. - June 2008  

The Mediterranean Dilemma: A Bridge or a Great Divide?, De Marco, G. - September 2007