Dr Clarissa Sammut Scerri

Dr Clarissa Sammut Scerri

Dr Clarissa Sammut Scerri



Room 244
Old Humanities Building (OH)
University of Malta
  +356 2340 3061
Dr Clarissa Sammut Scerri is a warranted Counselling psychologist, a registered Family therapist, and a Systemic supervisor. She is the Head of Department within the Department of Family Studies at the University of Malta. She is also the MPsy coordinator for the training of Counselling Psychologists.
Her research area of interest include:
• the impact of domestic violence on children and other family members;
• the study of parenting in adversity and
• adoption and fostering issues.

Her PhD research entitled “Living with contradictions of love and abuse: a grounded theory of women’s understanding of their experiences of domestic violence” sought to illuminate and further the understanding of the complexity of living in a family where there is violence. She has presented her research at various local and international conferences. One of her papers: “Ethical dilemmas of a clinician/researcher interviewing women about their childhood experiences of witnessing domestic violence”, has been shortlisted for the Corinna Seith Award by the WAVE Network, Women Against Violence.

Dr Sammut Scerri has served on a number of national boards including a member on the Advisory Board for Children and Young Persons under a care order, the Fostering Appeals Board and the Adoption Appeals Board. She is currently the University representative on the Malta Psychology Profession Board. She is also the Vice President of the Maltese Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice.
  • The study of attachment and trauma-related issues in families
  • The impact of domestic violence in families
  • Parenting
  • Couples therapy
  • Adoption and Fostering

SammutScerri, C., Abela, A. & Vetere, A. 2012, "Ethical dilemmas of a clinician/researcher interviewing women about their childhood experiences of witnessing domestic violence.", International Journal of Qualitative methods, vol. 11, no. 2, pp. 102-131.

Abela, A. & SammutScerri, C. 2010, "Managing multiple relationships in Supervision. Dealing with the complexity" in Mirrrors and reflections. Processes of systemic supervision, eds. C. Burck & G. Daniel, Karnac, London, UK, pp. 289.

Abela, A. & SammutScerri, C. 2003, "Colloborative Enquiry versus didactic training with organizations.", Human Systems. A Journal of Systemic consultation & Management, vol. 14, no. 1-4, pp. 41.

  • FSD1001 - Couple Relationships in a Changing Society
  • FSD2001 - Introduction to Family Studies
  • FSD2002 - Current Issues in Family Studies
  • FSD2003 - Current Family Issues in a Changing Society
  • FSD2004 - Psychosocial Aspects of Family Life
  • FSD5101 - Introduction to Family Therapy and Systemic Practice and Other Psychological Models
  • FSD5103 - Presentation of Key Systemic Concepts
  • FSD5401 - Contemporary Family Issues for Pastoral Work
  • LAW5006 - Professional Practice for Notaries
  • LAW5012 - Professional Practice for Advocates
  • PSY5625 - Physical, Emotional, Sexual and Substance Abuse
  • SWB1001 - Foundations of Social Wellbeing