Dr George Cremona

Dr George Cremona

Dr George Cremona



Room 209
Guzè Cassar Pullicino Building
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2563
Dr. George Cremona is the Coordinator for German programmes offered by the Faculty of Education at the University of Malta. He lectures in German language teaching methodology and gives lectures about Multimodality. He also coordinates the Media Literacy VET Programmes of the Faculty of Education. Dr. Cremona is also the Faculty of Education Erasmus Coordinator.

He has been a member of the Faculty since 2009. In 2015 he completed his PhD at the UCL - Institute of Education. In 2007 he was awarded a Masters in Comparative Education from the University of Malta. He collaborates actively with various German schools on a number of projects related to Comparative Education and Foreign Language teaching. He has also participated in an international project on intercultural communication (2009-2011).

Currently (since January 2012) he is also working on a research project series called 'Multimodality in Practice'. This project aims to implement Multimodal concepts and theories in practice particularly in schools and through the media (i.e. radio programmes, tv programmes and the internet). For this, in 2017 and 2019 he was awarded the prestigious IGM national award.

In 2009 he scripted and published a 13-week German for beginners course – for TV and also available online – which later was nationally recognized as the best educational TV series of the year.
  • Foreign languages teaching
  • German as a Foreign Language
  • Multimodality
  • Using Media (and the Internet) in the Foreign Language Classroom
  • The Educational value of the Eurovision Song Contest

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  • ALL1002 - Discovering Multimodal Text Analysis
  • ALL1003 - Using Audio-Visual Modes in Language Teaching
  • EDS5004 - Research Component A: Preparing for the Dissertation
  • EDU5971 - Applied Educational Research Methods
  • EPE5001 - Creating Positive Learning Environments
  • LHA5006 - It-Tagħlim tal-Ħila tas-Smigħ u l-Użu tal-Lenti Multimodali / Teaching Listening Skills and Using Multimodal Approaches
  • LHA5009 - Issues Related to Foreign Language Teaching in the Maltese Context
  • LHE5002 - Strategies in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning
  • LHG5003 - Die kritische Anwendung von modernen Medien im DaF-Bereich
  • LHG5004 - Die vier Fertigkeiten und ihre Bewertung / The Four Language Skills and their Assessment
  • LHG5005 - Anforderungen an DaF-Lehrer und kritische Selbstreflexion / GFL Teacher Inquiry and Reflective Strategy
  • LHL5001 - Introduction to Pedagogical Studies in Media Literacy
  • LHL5002 - Methodologies in Media Literacy Education
  • LHL5003 - Critical Media Literacy Education
  • LLI5003 - Introduction to Technology-Enhanced Teaching and Learning
  • LLI5005 - Project: Implementing TEL in Area of Specialisation
  • LLI5009 - Subject-based Pedagogy and Methodology
  • LLI5010 - Practicum for School-based Mentoring