Rev. Dr John Anthony Berry

Rev. Dr John Anthony Berry

Rev. Dr John Anthony Berry


Senior Lecturer

Room 304
Humanities A (Laws,Theology,Criminology)
University of Malta
  +356 2340 3498
Rev. Dr John Anthony Berry is Head of Department of Fundamental & Dogmatic Theology. He studied at the University of Malta, the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome and at K.U. Leuven.

In his licentiates and doctoral studies, Berry has studied the theologies of Hans Urs von Balthasar, Joseph Ratzinger and Yves Congar O.P.

He has recently been appointed as a member on the international presidium that coordinates the actions of a European wide organization known as The European Society for Catholic Theology (ESCT) as well as a member of the standing committee of Societas Oecumenica, a European Society for Ecumenical Research.

He was a guest lecturer in various universities including Dortmund, České Budějovice, Lviv and Toruń, and his recent articles are published in Melita Theologica, Biblica et Patristica, Roczniki Teologiczne and Scientia et fides.

He is currently editing the proceedings of an International Theological Conference on “The Spirit of the Reformation: 500 Years On”; volume 68 of “Melita Theologica” as well as the proceedings of a theological course on “Pastoral Conversion”.

ResearcherID: H-6768-2016
  • Fundamental Theology
  • Interreligious Dialogue
  • Christianity, Society and Culture
  • Twentieth Century Theology
  • FDT1060 - Vatican 2: Vision and Paradigms
  • FDT1100 - Philosophical Foundations of Theology
  • FDT2310 - A Christian Understanding of God
  • FDT3000 - Reason, Faith and Revelation
  • FDT3285 - The Act of Faith: Credibility and Experience
  • FDT3990 - Synoptic Study-unit 2: Fundamental and Dogmatic Theology
  • FDT4900 - Synoptic Study-Unit 2: Dogma
  • FDT5401 - Faith and Culture Seminar
  • FDT5610 - Making Sense of Christian Theological Debates
  • PLC2823 - Religion: Philosophical and Theological Aspects
  • THL3161 - Synoptic Study-Unit Paper 3 - Fundamental and Dogmatic Theology