Dr Katya De Giovanni

Dr Katya De Giovanni

Dr Katya De Giovanni


Senior Lecturer

Faculty for Social Wellbeing
Room 240, Old Humanities Building
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2685
Dr De Giovanni graduated with an honours degree in psychology at the University of Malta in 1997 attaining the shield for best dissertation. She then followed a PGCE in Primary Education specializing in inclusion in 1998 following which she commenced her career at Fra Diego Bonanno Girls’ Secondary School, Marsa. In 2000, she joined the Programme for Teaching and Learning in Diversity at the University of Malta and trained as a Let Me Learn Trainer and Consultant both in Malta and at Rowan University, USA.
Dr De Giovanni is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Scientist having read for an MSc in Occupational Psychology between 2001 and 2003. She also holds a Fellowship from the British Psychological Society as well as a PhD focusing on school to work transitions from the University of Nottingham. Dr De Giovanni also served as consultant for the European Commission and for the Council of Europe involving VET and Quality Assurance in Educational Settings in Malta having held the posts of Lecturer, Deputy Director and Director at MCAST between 2002 and 2012.
Dr De Giovanni is currently a member on the Board for the Treatment of Sex Offenders, member on the Malta Psychology Profession Board and member on the Multidisciplinary Board. Until recently she also was the Technical Member on the Senior Appointments Advisory Committee for the Office of the Prime Minister and also Chairperson of the Board of the Authority for Social Care Standards. Dr De Giovanni also currently holds a visiting professorship position in Organisational Psychology at the University of Padova. She is also the Director of the University of Malta Cottonera Resource Centre
  • Transitions from Compulsory to Further Education and/or Work
  • Change Management and Leadership
  • Aviation Psychology
  • Life-Career Development
  • Work-Family Balance
  • Childcare

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  • PSY2629 - Qualitative Research Methods and Data Analysis
  • PSY3605 - Practicum
  • PSY3647 - Selected Topics in Organisational Psychology
  • PSY3654 - Aviation Psychology
  • PSY3656 - Psychometrics and Psychological Assessment
Fellow of the British Psychological Society
Member of the Malta Chamber of Psychologists
Member of the European Association for Aviation Psychology
Member of the European Association of Organisational Psychologists