International Bioethics Conference

International Bioethics Conference
Bioethics and the Five Senses: Between Clinical Practice and Metaphors
La bioetica ed i cinque sensi: tra clinica pratica e metafore
University of Malta
1 – 4 October 2020

Due to Covid-19, this conference will take place via video conferencing.

Aim of the conference

Bioethics is an increasingly important academic subject which invites reflection on the use of biotechnology in a fast-changing world. This reflection usually revolves around the use of a particular technology or on a particular stage of one’s existence. The present conference aims to take a novel approach to bioethical issues by focusing on the human aspect of health care through a reflection on the five senses of human beings.

Starting off with a keynote speech by Prof. David Le Breton -  who has written about a sensory approach to human existence - it will then proceed to discuss bioethical issues related to each of the five senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell). A draft programme of the conference and a short cv of the speakers who have confirmed participation will be soon available below.

This conference is directed to all health care professionals and people involved in health care or health management, and to those interested in bioethics in general. It is being organised by the Professional Ethics Platform within the Department of Moral Theology (University of Malta), with the expert collaboration of Pietro Grassi as scientific advisor, and the support of the following partners: