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International Bioethics Conference

International Bioethics Conference

The International Bioethics Conference has become a regular feature in the annual calendar of the Faculty of Theology. The academic event is organised by the Professional Ethics Platform within the Department of Moral Theology.

Upcoming International Bioethics Conference 2024
Conferenza Internazionale di Bioetica 2024

The metamorphosis of the body: bioethics and neuroscience
Le metamorfosi del corpo: tra bioetica e neuroscienze

Online Video Conference 
In Italiano: 7-9 Marzo 2024
In English: 14-16 March 2024

For more information contact Rev. Dr Ray Zammit


1-4 October 2020

Bioethics and the Five Senses: Between Clinical Practice and Metaphors
La Bioetica ed i Cinque Sensi: tra Clinica Pratica e Metafore

University of Malta, in collaboration with Professor Pietro Grassi

The proceedings of this conference have been published in La Bioetica e i cinque sensi. The book may also be bought from the Faculty of Theology (and postage expenses will therefore not be needed).

A special issue of Bioetica News Torino has been dedicated to this conference.

5-8 May 2022

Bioethics and the paradox of appearances: Fragility, dependence, disability in the various stages of life
La bioetica ed il paradosso delle apparenze: Fragilità, dipendenza, disabilità nelle varie stagioni della vita

University of Malta, in collaboration with Professor Pietro Grassi

Programme and Speakers

This conference has featured in Bioetica News Torino and Servizio Informazione Religiosa.

The proceedings of this conference shall be published shortly.