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 NameDr Jean Paul Baldacchino

B.A. (Hons) (Malta) Ph.D.  (LaTrob)

Post: Senior Lecturer; Head of Department of Anthropological Sciences

Research Interests: Dr. Baldacchino’s research interests and publication span the anthropology of emotions and the body, clinical and theoretical psychoanalysis, social theory, religion, ritual and secularisation, ethnicity and identity and the ethnographic study of urbanism and modernism. 
Theoretically I am interested in phenomenology, the theological turn in postmodern thought, practice theory, psychoanalysis and structuralism. 

Fieldwork: Native American North-West, East Asia (Korea & China), Australia, Malta, Italy.

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Name: Prof. Paul Sant Cassia

B.A. (Hons), M.Phil. (Cantab), Ph.D. (Cantab)

Post: Professor of Anthropology 

Research Interests: Anthropology of the Mediterranean; Anthropological Theory; Kinship and Politics; Oratory; Anthropology of Representation. Fieldwork research in Cyprus (since 1978), Greece (1987-89), Tunisia (1983), Australia (Melbourne 1983), Malta (1992-94), and France (Pezenas, 2003). 

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Name: Prof. David Napier

M.A., D.Phil. (Oxon)

Post: Affiliate Professor

Research Interests: Culture and health, health vulnerability, communities of care, migration, xenophobia, homelessness, law and anthropology, immunology, ethnobiology, and the anthropology of art

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Name: Mr Ranier Fsadni

B.A. (Hons), MPhil (Cantab)

Post: Assistant Lecturer in Anthropology 

Research Interests: Mediterranean, Contemporary Arab world, Islam, Identity politics, Anthropology of the sea.

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Ranier Fsadni

Name: Dr David E. Zammit

LL.D, Ph.D. (Dunelm)

Post: Head of the Civil Law Department of the University of Malta Law Faculty/Senior Lecturer in Law and Anthropology at the University of Malta and Executive Editor of the Mediterranean Journal of Human Rights.

Research Interests: The ethnography of legal practise, clinical law teaching, currently conducting ethnographic research into the legal and bureaucratic processing of boat-people in Malta and also research of a more “purely” legal character into Maltese tort law. Other research interests concern the relationship between colonialism and Maltese legal hybridity/pluralism, cultural rights and legal story-telling. 

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Name: Ms Rachel Radmilli

B.A., M.A.

Post: Full-Time Assistant Lecturer

Research Interests: Organisational Anthropology, Entrepreneurship, Qualitatative Research and Organisational Behaviour 

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Name:Dr Virginia Monteforte

Post: Visiting Lecturer in Anthropology 

Research Interest: Anthropology of the Mediterranean, Political Anthropology, Anthropology of Memory, Literature and

Anthropology, Material Culture, Migration Studies.



Name:Dr Elise Billiard

Post: Visiting Lecturer in Anthropology

Research Interests: Urban anthropology, food traditions and nationalism, material culture, learning process and transmission of skills.

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 Elise Billard

Name: Dr Victoria Sultana

B.Sc. (Hons),M.A.,R.G.N., Ph.D

Post: Lecturer in Nursing and Medical Anthropology

Research Interests: Anthropology of the Body, Chronic Illness, and Human Well Being.


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Name: Dr John Micallef

B.A. (Hons.) M.A. Ph.D (Malta)

Post: Tutor in Anthropology

Research Interests: Anthropology of the Supernatural, Religion and Spirituality, Contemporary Witchcraft and Magic and the role these play in generating identities, ‘Good and Evil’ and their physical manifestations, Youth culture and subculture, Social change and Consumer Culture, Perception and Cognition, Deviance, Psychological Anthropology.

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Research Fellows 

John Micallef

Name: Dr. Gisella Orsini

B.A., M.A. (Torino) Ph.D (Malta) 

 Visiting Lecturer of Anthropological Sciences


Research interests:  Medical Anthropology, Anthropology of the Body, on-line communities, health/ illness and culture.

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Anthroplogy Study-Exchanges in the EU
The Department of Anthropological Sciences has a number of active Erasmus links to various Anthropology Departments in the EU (see list below).  This results in a two-way exchange. We have hosted students from various universities who normally spend one term/semester with us. This enhances student-learning experiences.  University of Malta students of Anthropology can also take advantage of these exchange links to pursue their studies abroad.
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