Our staff


Dr Colin Calleja

Deputy Dean

Dr Michelle Attard Tonna

Heads of Department

Prof. Raphael Vella - Arts, Open Communities & Adult Education
Prof. Adrian Gellel - Early Childhood & Primary Education
Prof. Victor Martinelli - Education Studies
Dr Andrew Decelis - Health, Physical Education & Consumer Studies
Dr Colin Calleja - Inclusion & Access to Learning
Prof. Doreen Spiteri - Languages & Humanities in Education
Dr Michelle Attard Tonna - Leadership for Learning & Innovation
Dr Josette Farrugia - Mathematics & Science Education
Dr Sarah Pule - Technology & Entrepreneurship Education

Administrative staff

Faculty Office
Mr David Pisani
Ms Marylyn Agius
Ms Lucienne Vassallo
Ms Natalie Formosa

Office of the Dean
Ms Stephanie Debono

Departmental secretaries
Ms Romina Caruana Bond - Arts, Open Communities & Adult Education 
Ms Nadege Camilleri - Early Childhood & Primary Education
Mr Gabriel Spiteri - Education Studies
Ms Stefania Micallef - Health, Physical Education & Consumer Studies
Ms Laura Falzon and Ms Doreen Zahra - Inclusion & Access to Learning
Ms Tiziana Gilson - Languages & Humanities in Education
Ms Manolita Puglisi and Ms Jessica Borg - Leadership for Learning & Innovation
Ms Corinne Vella - Mathematics & Science Education 
Ms Stephanie Debono - Technology & Entrepreneurship Education 

Former Staff

Appreciation Prof Joseph Falzon