Our staff


Dr Colin Calleja

Deputy Dean

Dr Michelle Attard Tonna

Heads of Department

Prof. Raphael Vella - Arts, Open Communities & Adult Education
Prof. Suzanne Gatt - Early Childhood & Primary Education
Dr Victor Martinelli - Education Studies
Prof. Suzanne Piscopo - Health, Physical Education & Consumer Studies
Dr Colin Calleja - Inclusion & Access to Learning
Prof. Doreen Spiteri - Languages & Humanities in Education
Prof. Christopher Bezzina - Leadership for Learning & Innovation
Dr Josette Farrugia - Mathematics & Science Education
Dr Leonard Busuttil - Technology & Entrepreneurship Education

Administrative staff

Faculty Office
Mr David Pisani
Ms Marylyn Agius
Ms Lucienne Vassallo

Office of the Dean
Ms Stephanie Debono

Departmental secretaries
Ms Romina Caruana Bond - Arts, Open Communities & Adult Education 
Ms Jennifer Vella - Early Childhood & Primary Education
Mr Gabriel Spiteri - Education Studies
Ms Stefania Micallef - Health, Physical Education & Consumer Studies
Ms Laura Falzon and Ms Doreen Zahra - Inclusion & Access to Learning
Ms Tiziana Gilson - Languages & Humanities in Education
Ms Manolita Puglisi and Ms Jessica Borg - Leadership for Learning & Innovation
Ms Corinne Vella - Mathematics & Science Education 
Ms Maria Cassar - Technology & Entrepreneurship Education