Our facilities

The Faculty, through its departments, runs a number of laboratories for both teaching, research and product development. Follow the links below for details of these laboratory facilities categorised by department.

  • Electronic Systems Laboratory
  • Embedded Systems Laboratory
  • Avionic Application Laboratory
  • CAD Laboratory
  • CERU Laboratory
  • RIA Laboratory
  • Metrology Laboratory
  • University (Engineering) Workshop
  • CNC Laboratory
  • Non Conventional Machining Laboratory
  • Electrical Machines Laboratory
  • Electrical Power and Energy Quality Laboratory
  • Electrical Technology Laboratory
  • Power Electronics Laboratory
  • CAE Lab - Computer Aided Engineering Laboratory
  • Fluids Laboratory
  • Robotic Systems Laboratory
  • Applied Mechanics Laboratory
  • Thermodynamics Laboratory
  • DMME Laboratory
  • Biomedical Engineering Laboratory
  • Control Systems Laboratory
  • Transport, Imaging and Signal Processing (TrISP) Laboratory