Current issue

Volume 12, Issue 2, November 2020


Thematic Paper

  1. Practitioners’ perceptions, attitudes, and challenges around bullying and cyberbullying
    Muthanna Samara, Bruna Da Silva Nascimento, Aiman El Asam, Peter Smith, Sara Hammuda, Hisham Morsi and Hamda Al-Muhannadi

    Thematic Paper
  2. School environment as a mediating variable between family support and social wellbeing in high school students
    Guadalupe Refugio Flores-Verduzco, Blanca Silvia Fraijo-Sing and César Octavio Tapia-Fonllem

    Thematic Paper
  3. “It's hard to be everywhere”: Teachers’ perspectives on spatiality, school design and school bullying
    Paul Horton, Camilla Forsberg and Robert Thornberg

  4. Decision-Making in Teaching Processes and the Role of Mood: A Study with Preservice Teachers in Germany
    Irina Rosa Kumschick, Felicitas Thiel, Camilla Goschin and Eva Froehlich

  5. Regulating emotions and learning motivation in higher education students
    Jesús Alonso-Tapia, Diana M. Abello and Ernesto Panadero

  6. Responsible Decision Making as Primary School Children Move into Adolescence
    Eugeny L. Dotsenko, Vera A. Startseva, Olga V. Pchelina, Elena V. Karaberova and Natalya Ivantsova

    Short Research Report
  7. Gratitude Moderates the Relationship Between Happiness and Resilience
    Ian I. Llenares, Custer C. Deocaris, Marjorie Espanola and Jay A. Sario

  8. Book Reviews

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