Current issue

Volume 12, Issue 1, April 2020

  1. The Role of Gender in the Relationship Between Reinforcement Sensitivity and Aggression among Adolescents
    Marija Šarić Drnas

  2. A close look at teachers´ lives: Caring for the well-being of elementary teachers in the US
    Naime Elcan Kaynak

  3. Coping strategies as mediators within the relationship between emotion-regulation and perceived stress in teachers
    Alina Schäfer, Fabian Pels and Jens Kleinert

  4. Personal and Family Correlates to Happiness amongst Italian Children and Pre-adolescents
    Valeria Verrastro, Giuseppe Ritella, Valeria Saladino, Jessica Pistella, Roberto Baiocco and Lilybeth Fontanesi

  5. Mental health promotion in schools: A comprehensive theoretical framework
    Valeria Cavioni, Ilaria Grazzani and Veronica Ornaghi

    Short Research Reports 
  6. An exploratory study of Hungarian university students’ sexual attitudes and behaviours
    Noemi Keresztes, Bettina F. Piko, Lynlee Howard-Payne and Himanshu Gupta

  7. Discovering the Emotional Intelligence exhibited by primary school teachers while delivering Physical Education in the United Kingdom
    Craig Strong, David Hindley, Mustafa Sarkar and Mary Nevill

  8. Book Reviews

Thematic Issue: ‘School design, climate and safety: strategies for anti-bullying interventions and inclusiveness' November 2020. For further details contact Professor Muthanna Samara or Professor Peter Smith.

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