Current issue

Volume 13, Issue 2, November 2021


  1. Acceptability of Bilingual Guided Meditation with Second Language Learners in a Culturally Diverse and Economically Disadvantaged School Setting
    Edward Kimble, Chieh Li, Louis J. Kruger, Qinghong Cai and Alexander Bivens

  2. Social and Emotional Learning: A survey of English primary school’s priorities, perceptions, and practices
    Michael Wigelsworth, Alice Eccles and Joao Santos

  3. Age and sex differences in the differentiation of anger expression and interpersonal contexts among Japanese adolescents
    Minako Deno, Shinji Yamagata, Jennifer A. Silvers, Akiko Tonegawa and Toshihiko Endo

  4. Evaluation of the Georgia Elementary School Climate Survey for Elementary School Children
    Victor Martinelli and Milosh Raykov

  5. A qualitative exploration of the mental wellbeing of Maltese LGBTQ+ university students and acceptance within family, peers, and social circles
    Enya Sammut, Daniel Vella Fondacaro and Nigel Camilleri

  6. Book Reviews

  7. Thematic Issue, November 2022. Call for Papers

  8. Call for papers 8th ENSEC Conference 2022. Fore more information click here.

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