European Sport Leadership Programme (ESLP)

(January 2018 - June 2020)


The European Sports Leadership Program (ESLP) is an Erasmus+ project aimed at increasing sport participation on campus and to promote voluntary activity in sport. There are five universities involved in this project with five sporting disciplines having been selected by the ten ESLP Sport Leaders, namely Move to the Beat (Dance & Fitness), Tchoukball, Beat the Keeper (Handball), Ultimate Frisbee and RUNiversity (Athletics).  

The aim is to provide new recreational activities for university students at each institution based on student demand.  Student demand was gauged during the first three months of the programme, February – April 2018, through a consultation process provided by each university.  The process of targeting students was made through appropriate marketing techniques aimed at those who do not currently play sport regularly at university. The programme is delivered by the Sports Development Coordinator at each university and the key method of delivery is through using students as volunteers to work as Sport Leaders.  Two Sport Leaders were recruited per sport therefore, each university has a minimum of 10 Sport Leaders, allowing for any drop-out or loss of Sport Leaders during student placement or other off-campus activities.  The Sport Leaders were provided with training prior to the start of their work. 

Each Sport Leader is required to track attendance for each session and record student demographic data such as name, age, course, year of study, and which is then to be entered onto a spreadsheet for monitoring and evaluation purposes.

The ESLP aims to increase use of existing university resources such as facilities and equipment.  To off-set this, the Sport Leaders could, where relevant and where a demand exists, help improve the capacity of under resourced facilities.  Success within the programme would show increased student engagement in sport and thus, would increase sport facility usage that universities could also use to help build a case for future provision of additional resources to universities. In addition, this project provides students with an opportunity to enhance their personal and professional development also increasing their employability following graduation. In fact, each student Sport Leader forms part of a Careers and Mentoring programme to help them enhance their personal and professional development whilst working as a Sport Leader.  This would be in the form of four workshops as a training and development programme as well as through the assignment of a mentor within the workplace to help support their personal and professional development.

More information on the each of the workshops held so far may be accessed below.

Workshop 1 - 11th May 2018

Workshop 2 - 27th July 2018

Workshop 3 - 4th April 2019

Workshop 4 - 27th March 2020 

Multiplier Event - 22nd June 2020 

ESLP Dissemination

Interview with Etienne Camenzuli - ESLP Employer Mentor and Director of Hudson Holdings as part of the multiplier event activities related to the Institute's participation in the ERASMUS+ European Sport Leadership Programme (ESLP).

Interview with Liam Harrison - ESLP Sport Leader and BSc(Hons) Sport and Physical Activity student as part of the multiplier event activities related to the Institute's participation in the ERASMUS+ European Sport Leadership Programme (ESLP).