Special Collections

Apart from the Melitensia Collection, and the Cabinet & Rare Books Collections, the Library’s Special Collections include numerous collections of publications that cover a range of topics and which gain additional value by their having been grouped in the past.

These collections have been generously donated or bequeathed to the UM Library and have been named after the donors who put these collections together and whose interests and particular areas of study they reflect. These include:
  • Albert M. Cassola Collection
  • Ann Williams Collection
  • Bonavita Papers
  • Charles Camilleri Bequest
  • David Elyan Collection
  • Donald Sultana Bequest
  • Francis Ebejer Papers
  • Giovanni Curmi Collection
  • Godfrey Wettinger Bequest
  • Guido Lanfranco Collection
  • Henry Frendo Collection
  • Isabelle Borg Bequest
  • Jeremy Boissevain Collection
  • Joseph Muscat Collection
  • Malta Memorial District Nursing (MMDNA) Archive
  • Mgr. Annetto Depasquale Bequest
  • Oliver Friggieri Collection
  • Paul Cassar Bequest
  • Peter Vassallo's Collection of Papers relating to Dun Karm
  • Pietru Pawl Saydon Collection
  • Sir Jack Goody Collection
  • University of Malta Heritage Archive
  • Victor Pasmore Bequest