FREC guidelines

Submitting a research proposal to the Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences Research Ethics Committee (MAKS FREC).

  • First download the full replica of the Ethics and Data Protection (E&DP) form to familiarise oneself with its contents and requirements. 

  • Fill in and submit the online E&DP form.
  • Upon submission, the researcher receives a pdf version of the E&DP form. The pdf version shall be sent to FREC together with the recruitment letters and/or information sheets, consent forms, data collection tools (interview questions, questionnaires and/or research tools), full trail of emails (not print screens) and any other relevant documents. FREC does not receive the above-mentioned documents automatically

  • The E&DP form consists of four sections
    • Part 1: Applicant and project details 
    • Part 2: Self-assessment 
    • Part 3: Detailed evaluation 
    • Part 4: Submission
  • Fill in Parts 1, 2 and 4. Part 3 will show up if something is marked in Part 2. If Part 3 is to be filled in, applicants are to elaborate only on the issues flagged in Part 2 and seek FREC’s permission before starting any data collection. In cases where Part 3 does not show up, the form needs to be sent to FREC for filing and audit purposes, and data collection may start immediately.

  • In case of re-submissions, applicants are to write their previous reference number/unique ID in question 3 of Part 4. Every time a new re-submission is submitted, a new unique ID is created.

  • A list of the attachments that need to accompany the online form is available in question 2 of Part 4.

  • The supervisor is to ENDORSE the E&DP form and all attachments via email. Consent forms should reflect the requirements indicated in Section 3.1.3 of the University of Malta Research Code of Practice. The consent and assent forms are to be signed by the supervisor. Consent forms should reflect the requirements indicated in Section 3.1.3 of the University of Malta Research Code of Practice.

  • All attachments should be in PDF form and saved to a zipped folder.

  • Once you submit the online form, you will receive an email with the digital form and a unique ID. The digital form needs to be sent together with the zipped folder of the attachments via email to the MAKS FREC. The zipped folder and the email should be titled with the unique ID and writing either 'For FREC Review' or 'For FREC Records' as indicated in the header of the E&DP form.

  • Students are to copy in their supervisor in the email. For FREC to process the application, the Principal Supervisor needs to ENDORSE via email that the form and attachments reflect the contents of the research proposal, which abides by the University of Malta Research Code of Practice.

  • As indicated in the Research Ethics Review Procedures supervisors are responsible for the documents they endorse. Supervisors should ensure the E&DP form and related materials are up to standard before forwarding their approval. This includes proper use of English and Maltese without grammatical errors and typos.

  • All forms are to be submitted to MAKS FREC via email. FREC forms submitted on other email addresses will NOT be processed. If there are any queries regarding the FREC form/s, contact FREC by email. You will receive an automatic acknowledgement receipt.

The following are the scheduled FREC meeting dates. In order for your submission to be considered in any one of these dates, it should be sent up to seven days before the meetings.

  • 14th October 2020
  • 04th November 2020
  • 02nd December 2020
  • 13th January 2021
  • 11th February 2021
  • 03rd March 2021
  • 14th April 2021
  • 12th May 2021
  • 09th June 2021
  • 07th July 2021
  • 09th September 2021
Forms will be accepted till one minute before midnight (23:59) up to seven days before the dates indicated. The supervisor’s endorsement is to reach the MAKS FREC by the given deadlines otherwise it will be considered as a late submission. Late submissions will be reviewed in subsequent FREC meetings.
  • When the digital form is marked as ‘For FREC Review’, applicants shall wait for ethical approval before starting the data collection.

  • It is not correct for researchers to state that UREC has reviewed/approved their study. UREC encourages the use of the following statement or something similar as this is general and covers all cases including those where no FREC review is necessary: 'This research is in conformity with the University of Malta’s Research Code of Practice and Research Ethics Review Procedures.'

  • Infringements of regulations and/or policies concerning ethics and data protection are matter for disciplinary action.

  • For any questions regarding any issue/s related to FREC please contact us ONLY via email.