Human Rights Law Platform

Human Rights Law Platform

  1. Human Rights Platform is being set up within the Faculty of Laws as an initiative of the Department of Public Law.

  2. The aims of the Platform are the following:
    (a) to undertake, promote, facilitate and coordinate the study of human rights law
    (b) to design and support the delivery of study-units on human rights law and democratisation at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, through the appropriate department/s in the Faculty of Laws and other Faculties, Institutes and Centres, including support of supervision of dissertations in the area of human rights law
    (c) to collaborate with local and foreign centres, programmes and individuals working in human rights law for research purposes
    (d) to encourage publication of research on human rights law subjects
    (e) to publish the Faculty of Laws’ Mediterranean Journal of Human Rights
    (f) such other aims which the Faculty of Laws may add from time to time.

  3. The Platform shall have the following structure:
    (a) a Board consisting of the Coordinator, eight other members, and up to two student representatives, appointed by Senate on the recommendation of the Rector, after consultation with the Head of the Department of Public Law and the Dean of the Faculty of Laws
    (b) the Chairman shall be appointed by Senate, on the recommendation of the Rector chosen from amongst the members of the Board
    (c) the appointment of the Chairman, Coordinator and members of the Board shall be for one year, which can be renewed.

  4. The Platform will operate as a cost-centre, subject to the University’s financial regulations.

Approved by Senate on 17 May 2012, amended on 28 February 2013, 9 May 2019, 19 September 2019 and 14 May 2020.

Members on the Board of the Human Rights Law Platform

Faculty of Laws

Dr Austin Bencini (Chair)

Professor Frances Camilleri Cassar

Dr Amy Camilleri Zahra

Professor JosAnn Cutajar

Professor Marie Therese Camilleri Podesta

Dr Jeanise Dalli

Professor Joseph Giordmaina

Dr Ivan Mifsud

Professor Ivan Sammut

Dr David Zammit

Mr Thomas Cilia (Student Representative)