Quantum Optics, Information, and Technologies Platform

Quantum Optics, Information, and Technologies Platform

  1. Quantum Optics, Information, and Technologies Platform is being set up with members from the Department of Physics, within the Faculty of Science, in collaboration with members of the Institute of Space Sciences and Astronomy and the Faculty of ICT.

  2. The aims of the Platform are the following:
    (a) to promote research in quantum information science and quantum optics, and the research and development of quantum technologies in Malta
    (b) to promote synergies between the faculties, institutes, and centres of the University of Malta in the teaching of quantum mechanics, quantum information science, and related areas, including supervision of dissertations in relevant areas
    (c) to conduct research in fundamental and technological implications of quantum mechanics
    (d) to collaborate with individuals, consortia, and institutions, both local and foreign
    (e) to raise the international profile of related research activities at the University of Malta by publishing in reputable peer-reviewed journals, hosting international meetings and conferences, and participating actively in large-scale research activities
    (f) to raise public awareness in quantum technologies, quantum information science, and related areas, through public talks, evening courses, press releases, interviews in the local and foreign media, and the use of social media
    (g) to facilitate and foster an international speakers programme, placing especial emphasis on speakers giving public popular science lectures, and the use of these events as catalysts for media outreach
    (h) to maintain a series of meetings (a “quantum round table”) including journal reading groups and research discussions that will be open to all students and faculty members within the Platform, and
    (i) to teach quantum mechanics and related areas at a postgraduate level to, and undertake research projects with, taught or research Master and Ph.D. students.

  3. The platform shall have the following structure:
    (a) a Board consisting of the Co-ordinator and five other members, appointed by the Senate on the recommendation of the Rector, after consultation with the Head of the Department of Physics;
    (b) the Chairman shall be chosen from amongst the members of the Board and appointed by the Senate, on recommendation by the Rector;
    (c) the appointment of Chairman, Co-ordinator and members of the Board shall be for two years, with the possibility of renewal;
    (d) the Co-ordinator shall be responsible for the running of the platform in accordance with Article 2, and for drawing up the annual budget, financial statement, and report of activities; and
    (e) membership in the platform shall be open to all academic staff members as well as students and postdoctoral researchers with a declared interest in quantum optics, information, and technologies. The platform will also aim to attract affiliate members who are international scholars and researchers of repute in these fields.

  4. The platform will operate as a cost centre with the ability to raise its own funds, subject to the University’s financial regulations.
Approved by Senate on 10 March 2016, amended on 9 May 2019

Members on the Board of the Quantum Optics, Information, and Technologies Platform

Faculty of Science in collaboration with: 
Professor Andre Xuereb (Chair)
Dr Tony George Apollaro (Coordinator)
Professor Johann Briffa
Professor Ernest Cachia
Dr Jackson Said