Another Issue of the Journal of Maltese Education Research

Visiting Lecturers within the Geography Division, Mediterranean Institute
Towards Innovative Educational Paradigms

Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies
Comenius 2.1 Project 2004-2007
GRUNDTVIG Training Courses
Erasmus Intensive Language Course in Maltese
Two Courses on Historical Archives during January 2005
E-MAPS: Mapping Future Opportunities

The Future of Work: Trends in European Work Organisations

Maltese Cetacean Researcher participates in International Research
Presentation of books to the University Library

Inauguration of the Virtual Class for the Diploma in IT
First recording of Portuguese dogfish shark in Maltese waters
Biodiversity Conference
Conference to be organised by European Unit

Starting up an Innovative IT Business: A one-day workshop for IT Students

Exhibition on Maltese Medicinal Herbs

Medicines Management in Older Persons (13-16 October 2004)

IT Research Workshop organised by the University of Malta

Co-operation with Chinese Higher Education Institutes

Michael A. Sant Memorial Lecture

A UNESCO-funded Practical Course in Marine Biology: A Great Success.

University Gozo Centre Summer Activity

E-MAPS: Drafting of Curriculum Content

MUS Ltd Education and Training Division

Second Issue of the Malta Medical Journal
International Conference on Early Childhood Education
Courses at Institute of Health Care

Course leading to M.A. in Translation

Mediterranean Journal of Human Rights Volume 8 Issue 2

Presentation of books to the University Library

A new book on Freire by Professor Peter Mayo

Admissions 2004
Board of Studies for IT Students' Projects Exhibition 2004
Engineering Students' Projects Exhibition 2004
HUMANITAS Journal Volume 2

The 11th edition of the Gozo Observer

The University Vocal Ensemble in Italy

Presentation of a book, 'Knowledge Intensive Design Technology', to the University Library 
Basic Drawing and Painting Techniques for Adults and Senior Citizens 
The Auxetic Materials Research Group 
Presentation of Malta's First National Communication to the UNFCCC 
Early Childhood Education Workshop 
Talk at the Institute of Agriculture 
University of Malta holds Videoconference with American Novelist Annie Proulx 
Activities of the Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Education Research 
Science Dean's List 
The Maltese Opera Libretto - publication by the Malta University Press 
Microsoft launches the .Net Club at University of Malta 
This Imaginary Woman by Volcano Theatre Company 
10th Edition of Scream magazine (April 2004) 
The University's Literacy Unit publishes new book 
Gozo Lace Day 2004 
Philosophy Society Meeting - Truth in the Sciences (22 April 2004) 
AutoCAD Training Courses (MUS) April 2004 
University academic's book in Portuguese translation 
Internal Auditor Course 
Introductory Japanese Course 
Effective Project Management - The Critical Skills and Techniques 
Launch of Malta Geomorphology Group 
In-nies tat-tiben is a bilingual play (Maltese and  English), created by students of the Theatre Studies Programme at the University of Malta 
Work-Life Balance with Focus on the Family 
New publication by Dr Francis Cachia 
Video-Conferencing Session between a Canadian University and the University of Malta 
The University Film Club provides April schedule 
The EMU and the New EU Member States:some lessons for and from the developing world 
Philosophy Society Meeting: Immanuel Kant: the good European 
To celebrate the International Women's Day, The Women's Study Group is organising a seminar on 'Women in Decision-Making" on Tuesday, 9 March 04 ... 
Japanese book presentation to the University Library 
Philosophy Society Meeting: Towards a Philosophy of Human Learning: an Existential Perspective 
Board-Level Employees Representation 
Keynote presentation by Mr Colin Calleja from the Let Me Learn Programme 
Matriculation Certificate Examinations '03 Statistical Report 
The Pharmacy Symposium 2004 (2 - 5 March) 
The President of Malta to give inaugural lecture 
Co-operation agreement between the University of Malta and the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences 
Theatre Traffic - February discussion and "jamming" events. 
Lectures Eighteenth-Century French Literature (23 - 26 February, 2004) 
University of Malta - Gozo Centre Short Courses 
Talks on Librarianship (27 February, 2004) 
DMSTE Dissertation Showcase (25 February, 2004) 
Computer Science and AI:  AI students awarded Microsoft imaginecup UK 
Islands and Small States Seminar (1, 2, 3 March 2004) 
Annual Management Accounting Seminar 
8th Annual Work in Progress Seminar Series - Understanding Cultural Diversity 
Presentation by Professor F. Lanza 
MATSEC Statistical Report 2003 
Proceedings of Conference on Educational Assessment 
Launching of Book - Maximising Malta's Competitiveness Potential 
REWERSE - REasoning on the WEb with Rules and SEmantics 
Invitation for School Visits to the Argotti Gardens 
Visit by Professor Pier Paolo Pancotto (10-15 February 2004) 
Presentation of ECDL Certificates to university staff 
Rasch analysis Workshop 
Faculty of Arts In-service Training Course 
Art in Primary Education Workshop 
Survey on Religious Beliefs and Attitudes
Lecture on Current Concepts in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 
9th European Conference on Epilepsy and Society 
Three publications on Lifelong Guidance