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Ubisoft Research Project

Collaborators: Georgios Yannakakis (University of Malta), Alessandro Canossa (Massive Entertainment - A Ubisoft Studio)

AI research in collaboration with Ubisoft

Funding scheme: Industry funded research

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Collaborators: (at UM) Georgios Yannakakis, Iro Voulgari, Antonios Liapis

A project that aims to help better understand how informal science learning is taking place through coding, making, and play activities

Funding Scheme: H2020

curio project

CURIO: A Teaching Toolkit for Fostering Scientific Curiosity’

Collaborators: Stefano Gualeni, Marcello A. Gómez Maureira, Sandra Dingli, Andre' Xuereb, Danielle M. Farrugia

Funding scheme: ERASMUS+ strategic partner action KA2

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ENVISAGE: ENhance VIrtual learning Space using Applied Gaming in Education

Collaborators: Georgios N. Yannakakis, Antonios Liapis

Funding scheme: H2020


Crisis: Europe in Crisis

Collaborators: Georgios N. Yannakakis, Vanessa Camilleri, Owen Sacco, Antonios Liapis

Funding scheme: Erasmus+

deep design

Deep Design

Collaborators: Georgios Yannakakis, Antonios Liapis

Funding scheme: University of Malta Research Innovation and Development Trust


CrossCult: Empowering reuse of digital cultural heritage in context-aware crosscuts of European history

Collaborators: (at UM) Georgios Yannakakis, Antonios Liapis

Funding Scheme: H2020-REFLECTIVE


FORETELL: Flood and Fire Safety Awareness in Virtual Worlds

Collaborators: (at UM) Stefano Gualeni, Marcello Gómez Maureira, Philip Bonanno

Funding scheme: Erasmus +


GADTRAP: Game Design as a Self-Transformative Practice

Collaborators: Stefano Gualeni, Marcello A. Gómez Maureira

Funding scheme: University of Malta Research Fund


Go Go Gozo

Collaborators: University of Manchester, Warwick University, Utrecht University, University of Malta, Palacky University Olomouc

Funding scheme: Erasmus +


Autonomous Computational Game Designers

Collaborators: (at UM) Georgios Yannakakis, Antonios Liapis, Phil Lopes, Daniele Gravina, and Daniel Karavolos

Funding scheme: FP7 Marie Curie CIG

idg old

REFLECT: Reflective Game Design

Collaborators: Rilla Khaled, Pippin Barr

Funding scheme: Marie Curie


C2Learn: Fostering Creativity in Learning through Digital Games

Collaborators: (at UM) Georgios Yannakakis, Mirjam P. Eladhari, Antonios Liapis and Phil Lopes

Funding scheme: FP7-ICT


ILearnRW: Integrated Intelligent Learning Environment for Reading and Writing

Collaborators: (at UM) Georgios Yannakakis, Rilla Khaled, Héctor Martínez, Vincent Farrugia, and Thom Cuschieri

Funding scheme: FP7-ICT




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