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You can use either any backup devices you may have set up or the backup codes as another form of verification. This can be done by selecting Choose another method to get a verification code.

If you do not have access to these, you will need to reset your TFA settings using the Activate UM IT Account interface. You can sign in with your e-ID account or using an Activation Code.

Students: The activation code is provided in the letter of acceptance sent to students by the University/Junior College.

Staff: The activation code is provided by the Office for Human Resources Management & Development at the start of employment.

You can find instructions on how to get an activation code in the Get a UM IT account page.

You can follow the following instructions in Gmail:

  1. Open the unwanted email
  2. Click the More (three dots) button next to Reply
  3. Select either Report spam or Report phishing.

If you are unsure on the difference between spam and phishing, spam is unsought email, usually from someone trying to sell something, while phishing is an attempt to acquire sensitive information such as login passwords.

You can find instructions about installing and setting up VPN.

Please note that VPN is available to current staff and students only. Guest accounts are not eligible for VPN. If access is required for a guest account, you should contact us using the Self-Service Portal and provide the email address and the reason VPN is required.

The problem generally relates to expired certificates. You can follow the instructions available in the Updating the OpenVPN configuration file section to update your certificates.

You can change your UM IT Account password in the Manage UM IT Account interface.

You can find instructions on the procedure to follow if you have forgotten your password.

IT Services maintains dedicated web pages with all the relevant information about software available to UM staff and students.

The University has an agreement that covers the use of Microsoft (MS) Office (Windows and Mac) on University-owned computers and for staff appointed by Council and Senate. The agreement also covers the use of MS Office for current students.

More information about obtaining MS Office and other MS software.

You should contact the Admissions Office for assistance.

You should contact us using the Self-Service Portal and include the Errorcode number and your ID/passport number.

You can find instructions on how to connect to eduroam.

You should contact Estates, Facilities & Capital Development Directorate with your request.

You should contact us using the Self-Service Portal and include your room number and contact details.

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