Our staff


Deputy Dean

Heads of Department

Dr Stephanie Bezzina Wettinger - Applied Biomedical Science
Dr Ritienne Grima - Communication Therapy
Dr Claire Copperstone - Food Sciences & Nutrition
Prof. Sandra Buttigieg - Health Services Management
Prof. Josianne Scerri - Mental Health
Dr Josephine Attard - Midwifery
Dr Maria Cassar - Nursing
Dr Marjorie Bonello - Occupational Therapy
Dr Stephen Lungaro Mifsud - Physiotherapy
Prof. Cynthia Formosa - Podiatry
Dr Paul Bezzina - Radiography

Administrative staff

Faculty Manager

Finance Officer

Office of the Dean

Departmental staff

Ms Christabel Vella - Applied Biomedical Science
Ms Juanita Briffa - Communication Therapy
Ms Miroslawa Alfreda Piorkowska - Food Sciences & Nutrition
Mr Andrea Portelli - Medical Physics/Podiatry
Ms Catherine Mifsud - Mental Health
Ms Carmen Farrugia - Midwifery
Ms Miriam Avellino - Nursing
Ms Josianne Cassar - Nursing
Ms Melita James - Nursing
Ms Marika Spagnol - Nursing, Clinical Administration Office
Ms Dianne Azzopardi - Occupational Therapy
Ms Marguerite Richards - Physiotherapy
Mr Noel Vassallo - Radiography


Counselling Services

Technical staff

Faculty Assistant Laboratory Manager


Ms Daiva Svobaite Balciuniene - Applied Biomedical Science 
Ms Bernice Pace - Nursing
Ms Anthea Zammit - Communication Therapy/Occupational Therapy/Physiotherapy

IT Services