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SST 2(2), November 2019
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Small States & Territories
Vol. 2, No. 2, November 2019

Pages 139-140: Table of Contents [PDF]


(Pages 195-214)

  • Jules, T. D. & Ressler, P. (Eds.) (2017). Re-reading education policy and practice in small states: Issues of size and scale in the emerging intelligent society and economy. Frankfurt, Germany: Peter Lang. Review by Peter Mayo
  • Chauvin, S., Clegg, P. & Cousin, B. (Eds.) (2018). Euro-Caribbean societies in the 21st Century: Offshore finance, local elites and contentious politics. Abingdon and New York: Routledge. Review by John Connell
  • Ó Beacháin, D. (2019). From partition to Brexit: The Irish government and Northern Ireland. Manchester: Manchester University Press. Review by Ian Kenneally
  • Guo Y. & Jie, Wu Jin (Eds.) (2016). Singapore and Switzerland: Secrets to small state success. Singapore: World Scientific. Review by Zbigniew Dumieński
  • Maass, M. (2017). Small states in world politics: The story of small state survival, 1648-2016. Manchester: Manchester University Press. Review by Anders Wivel
  • Anna-Karina Hermkens and Katherine Lepani (Eds.) (2017). Sinuous objects: Revaluing women’s wealth in the contemporary Pacific. Canberra, Australia: ANU Press. Review by Sierra Schuetz and Marina Karides
  • Giorgos Charalambous and Christophoros Christophorou (Eds.) (2016). Party–society relations in the Republic of Cyprus: Political and societal strategies. London: Routledge. Review by Roderick Pace

Executive Editor: Godfrey Baldacchino
Editorial Support: Cynthia Genovese

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Call for Papers
Special section on ‘Small States and the Corona Crisis’ in Small States & Territories, 4(1), May 2021.
New Book Series with Routledge
A book series dedicated to the study of small states is to be launched in 2020...
Submission of Manuscripts
Manuscripts to be considered for publication in Small States and Territories are now being accepted...
New university network endorses SST
Andorra hosts meeting that establishes NUSCT
SST acquires its ISSN
SST now has its ISSN:        2616-8006
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