Press Releases 2000

The Limits of Science (14.12.2000)

Work-in-Progress Seminar (06.12.2000)

International Office lends a hand for Charity (03.12.2000)

Christmas Concert (29.11.2000)
Biology Symposium (28.11.2000)

"Gender and Power" Public Lecture (20.11.2000)
Work-in-Progress Seminar (20.11.2000)
Conference on Inter-Professional Ethics in Health Care (06.11.2000)
The Baroque Heritage of Valletta (03.11.2000)

Presentation of Book Collection to University Library (01.11.2000)

Seminar on Alcohol Dependence (25.10.2000)
Imago Mundi at the Château de Grignan (13.10.2000)
Genetics Seminars (11.10.2000)
Visit by Edward Allington (09.10.2000)
Courses at Tertiary Level (04.10.2000)
Study Abroad Opportunities (04.10.2000)
Opening of Academic Year 2000/2001 (02.10.2000)

Visit by Japanese Scholars from Hitotsubashi University (August 2000)

Fourth International Conference on Anglo-Italian Studies (21.07.2000)

Subject Specialisation for Primary Education Students (03.07.2000)

Bibliography on the Environment (03.07.2000)

The Maltese Doctor in Europe (26.06.2000)
New Publication on the Political Economy of Microstates (23.06.2000)

Anatomy Awards 2000 (23.06.2000)
Tajra Playschool (19.06.2000)
Quaderno italo-maltese (19.06.2000)

Department of Anatomy Public Lecture (15.06.2000)

Creativity is Fun at the University Summer School (14.06.2000)

A Cultural Policy for Theatre (14.06.2000)

Lend a Hand this Summer (13.06.2000)
University of Malta Geographical Society Public Lecture (13.06.2000)
LITRU in Strasbourg, UK & Warsaw (12.06.2000)

Lecture on Alzheimer's Disease (08.06.2000)

Ceremony of the Certificate Presentation of the LetMeLearn Process  (07.06.2000)

Literacy News Updates (May 2000)

German Linguist's Visit (May 2000)

Gozo Centre Seminar (26.05.2000)

Launch of the Socrates Programme (24.05.2000)
U.S. Ambassador, Rector Announce Renewal of Fulbright Agreement (17.05.2000)
Graduate Potential Seminar - Proceedings (16.05.2000)

Further studies in French (16.05.2000)
Adrian Grima Places Second in Europe in Poetry Competition (10.05.2000)

The DMSTE Dissertations Showcase 2000 (08.05.2000)

Science Education Seminar (03.05.2000)

Mathematical Society May 2000 Meeting (02.05.2000)

Fertility Issues in Family Medicine (28.04.2000)

Biotechnology and Frankensteinism (24.04.2000)
Linguistics Circle Meeting (11.04.2000)

Faculty of Education Research Seminar (05.04.2000)

Mathematical Society April Meeting (04.04.2000)
Maltese Linguistics in International Fora (01.04.2000)

University Students for a Good Cause (29.03.2000)
Concert of Sacred Music for Lent and Eastertide (28.03.2000)
Millennium Lace Tapestry (25.03.2000)

Anthropology Month (20.03.2000)

Mathematical Society March Meeting (14.03.2000)

European National Top Level Domain Registries to review EU Proposals (25.02.2000)

Faculty of Education Research Seminar (23.02.2000)
Mathematical Society Meeting for Teachers - February 2000 (22.02.2000)

Gorg Pisani Exhibition at the University of Malta Library (22.02.2000)
Bridging the Gap? Legal Language and Comprehension (22.02.2000)

Memory and Solidarity (17.02.2000)

The Theatricality of Baroque Architecture (16.02.2000)

Independence and the Future: has Malta been Decolonized? (09.02.2000)

General Assembly of European Internet Domain Registries to be held in Malta (04.02.2000)

Algardi and Malta - Seminar (04.02.2000)

Focus on Science: Dean's Awards (03.02.2000)
Mathematical Society February Meeting (01.02.2000)
Lectures in Criminal Law by Visiting Professor (25.01.2000)
The New National Minimum Curriculum Seminar (21.01.2000)
The Evolving Role of Occupational Health in Malta (17.01.2000)

Nietzsche's Theory of Myth (13.01.2000)

Dr Kathryn Rountree - Anthropology Guest Lecture (13.01.2000)

An Island State between Home and the Train Station: The Economy of Travel in the Poetry of Dun Karm and Oliver Friggieri (11.01.2000)

Mathematical Society AGM (11.01.2000)

Artistic Management and Marketing (10.01.2000)