Powers of Good and Evil (29.12.99)

University of Malta Music Studies Programme Christmas Concert (09.12.99)
Malta at "Valentino Bucchi" International Competition (01.12.99)
The Biochemical Aspects of Alzheimer's Disease (30.11.99)
Inauguration of the Link Campus in Rome (25.11.99)
Santander come to Malta (25.11.99)
Pushkin Exhibition at the University of Malta Library (09.11.99)
Public Lectures (04.11.99)
Professional Ideals in Maltese Legal Practice (02.11.99)
International Conference - The Governance of Small Jurisdictions (November '99)
Mathematical Society November Meeting (November '99)
Maltese educationalist features in Routledge publication (25.10.99)
Orientation Programme for International Students 1999 (21.10.99)

Disability into the Millennium (14.10.99)
The Media as Means of Linguistic Input (13.10.99)
Autumn Continuing Professional Development Meeting (06.10.99)
Retirement Programme (02.10.99)
Freshers' Week - October 1999
The Malta Internet Exchange (07.09.99)
Maltese Educationalists at Leipzig Conference (30.08.99)
An Evening at the opera (July '99)
Evenings on Campus 1999 (July '99)
Dott.ssa Patrizia Chetoni visits the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (July '99)

European Access Network 8th Annual Convention (July '99)
Literacy Base-line data (25.06.99)
Selmun Seminars - Comparative Education Programme (22.06.99)
ISAT Summer Programme Malta (09.06.99)
Mathematical Society June Meeting (June '99)
Environmental Education Specialist visits the University of Malta (June '99)
Edward de bono talks to Primary School Children (18.05.99)
An International Conference on Human Rights (May '99)

Lectures on Malta and the European Union (May 99)
Mathematical Society April Meeting (April '99)
Euro-Mediterranean Linkages Seminar (April '99)
Junior College Team Wins Mini-Assembly (April '99)
A visit by Colette Guedj, Professor of French Literature (April '99)
Supranational, Transnational or Post-National? (April '99)
Atmospheric Pollution (April 1999)
Nocturnal Saussure (April '99)
Bilingualism and Translation in Derrida and Postmodern Fiction (April '99)
Topeng Balinese Theate Dance with Masks (April '99)
Vivaldi expert to lecture at University (28.04.99)
Briefing Session - European Union Fifth Framework Programme (1998 - 2002) (05.03.99)
Public Lecture - Design For Manufacture (02.03.99)
Professor Barry Smith to visit Department of History (02.03.99)
Junior College Students' Night (01.03.99)
Linguistics Circle Talk (March '99)
Conferment of D.Litt. on Chiara Lubich (26.02.99)
Presentation of Accountancy Awards1999 (25.02.99)
Mathematical Society March Meeting (22.02.99)
Linguistics Professors from Pavia to lecture at the Faculty of Arts (09.02.99)
Visit by metal and precious stone restorer (08.02.99)
Administration of Literacy Baseline Assessment Seminar (January '99)

Professor Balboni to visit Department of Italian (27.01.99)
Artistic director to give credit course at University (14.01.99)

Launch of The Malta Internet Foundation (06.01.99)