Applied Health & Safety

The course focuses on the practical aspect of Health & Safety will cover a variety of topics, which are related to real work situations. The trainer will provide an explanation of what is Occupational Health and Safety and an overview of the existing legislation and standards. The trainer will also address the role of the Worker's Health and Safety Representative. Participants will also have the opportunity to carry out a basic Task Risk Assessment. 

During the second part of the course, participants will be provided with an overview of ergonomics in practice.

The principal objective of this course is to enhance the employees' knowledge, skills and attitude in order to create the safest possible working conditions for employees and their surrounding workplace.


Trainer: Mr Louis Coleiro - Health & Safety Officer - Occupational Health & SafetyOffice for Human Resources Management & Development
Target Audience: All members of staff at UM
Duration of session: 10 hours 

Session One

What is Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)?

A description of the guiding principles of OHS will be discussed and explained in order to give the participants an insight of the basic principles and objectives.  

Occupational Health and Safety Legislation

An overview of the existing legislation will be discussed and the participants will be guided through the Act and the subsequent regulations.


A general overview of the use of standards in production and use of products that are used in our everyday life. What is their function and use from our everyday life. What is their function and use from our point of view? 

The accident 

An emphasis on the reasons of why an accident happens will be discussed and also the effects of an accident in terms of personal loss and that of the company. 

Various scenarios and case studies will be presented during this session,where the participants will be asked to forward their own solutions on how accidents can be avoided. 

Session Two

Ergonomics in practice

The principles of ergonomics will be explained to all participants including the benefits and what are their responsibilities to achieve good levels.   

Task Risk Assessment

All participants are invited to carry out a simple work-plan including all the required precautions to carry out the work without any incidents and accidents. The objective is to improve the participants' way of thinking and acting in order to create the best possible conditions to work in with the least possible efforts.