PRESS RELEASES 2007 Opening of the University of Malta Academic Year 2007-2008 (issued on 28 September 2007)

Courses at Malta University Services Ltd (issued on 28 September 2007)
MEDAC Awarded Jean Monnet Chair (issued on 25 September 2007)
Large Turn out for International Lifelong Learning Summer Institute (issued on 24 September 2007)
Eminent International Scientists and Engineers at a University of Malta Workshop (issued on 23 September 2007)
International Award for Research Excellence in Communication Therapy (issued on 19 September 2007)
International Recognition for Maltese Telecommunications Engineering Researchers (issued on 18 September 2007)
Maltese Researchers Invited by the Organisation of American States (issued on 13 September 2007)
Woodwinds for Summertime (issued on 1 September 2007)
‘Customer Care’ for Messengerial Staff (issued on 31 August 2007)
Fulbright Research on Epilepsy (issued on 29 August 2007)
Signing of University of Malta Collective Agreement (issued on 24 August 2007)
ICT Evening Degree Course (issued on 17 August 2007)
Malta University Publishers Ltd launched its latest Publication
(issued on 13 August 2007)
University of Malta appoints new Group Chief Executive Officer to lead its Group of Companies
(issued on 10 August 2007)
Maltese Terminology Database set up for the Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies at the Faculty of Arts (issued on 9 August 2007)
Award of Malta Internet Foundation Prize, 2007 (issued on 7 August 2007)
Course in Arabic for European Government Officials (issued on 1 August 2007)
RISK in Valletta by the Summer University of Performing Arts (issued on 30 July 2007)
Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence with Linguistics as a Subsidiary Area (issued on 27 July 2007)
Journal of Maltese Education Research Vol. 5 no. 1 (issued on 25 July 2007)
Prime Minister presented with Publication on Clinical Pharmacy (issued on 24 July 2007)
Fin Whales in Maltese Waters (issued on 22 July 2007)
Statement of the University of Malta - Course Registration Update (issued on 20 July 2007)
Dementia Study in the Malta Medical Journal (issued on 18 July 2007)
Faculty of Engineering ready for a Dynamic Year Ahead (issued on 16 July 2007)
New M.Ed. Specialisation: M.Ed. in Mathematics Education (issued on 12 July 2007)
B.Sc. (Hons) ICT Degree Programmes (issued on 11 July 2007)
‘Approaches to Personal Presentation’ for Library Staff (issued on 6 July 2007)
Masters in Inclusive Education and Communities (issued on 5 July 2007)
120 Projects by University of Malta Students in Engineering and IT (issued on 4 July 2007)
Orientation Sessions for Entry to Junior College 2007 (issued on 4 July 2007)
University Admissions 2007 (issued on 4 July 2007)
Portrait of a Knight returns to Malta (issued on 3 July 2007)
Understanding Politics and Political Ideas (issued on 3 July 2007)
June Issue of the Malta Medical Journal (issued on 3 July 2007)
Literary Evening - a Different Experience at Evenings on Campus (issued on 26 June 2007)
‘Le Momo’ - Evenings on Campus (issued on 26 June 2007)
8th July – Walter u l-Hbieb (issued on 26 June 2007)
Evenings on Campus Live Bands (issued on 26 June 2007)
Evenings on Campus - Film Noir (issued on 26 June 2007)
European Masters in Mediterranean Historical Studies (issued on 25 June 2007)
Taize’ – an opportunity not to be missed! (issued on 25 June 2007)
A Photo Exhibition to Commemorate the 15th Anniversary of the Establishment of the University of Malta Gozo Centre (issued on 22 June 2007)
Jazz Opening Evenings on Campus 2007 (issued on 21 June 2007)
Another Issue of Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies (issued on 21 June 2007)
Strengthening Public Administration to Transform Med Islands into Networks (issued on 19 June 2007)
MA in Euro-Mediterranean Comparative Education Studies (issued on 18 June 2007)
Award of Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge Fellowship (issued on 13 June 2007)
Two New Translations in Maltese (issued on 13 June 2007)
University of Malta Students at Industrial Laboratories in France (issued on 12 June 2007)
Joint European Masters in Early Childhood Education and Care (EMEC) (issued on 12 June 2007)
Maltese Academic to Lead International Team in Benchmarking the Teaching of Pharmacy Practice (issued on 5 June 2007)
Edward de Bono Seminar 2007 (issued on 4 June 2007)
Prof. Mayo lectures in Spain and Portugal (issued on 1 June 2007)
Dr Alan Deidun at the Marine Biology Congress (issued on 1 June 2007)
Solar Water – Heating Technical Guidelines (issued on 1 June 2007)
New Department in the Faculty of Arts: Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies (issued on 25 May 2007)
Written Communication Skills for Clerks and Executive Officers (issued on 24 May 2007)
Innovative Joint European Masters Bridges Science and Art (issued on 23 May 2007)
Biodiversity Research Strategies for a Sustainable Future (issued on 22 May 2007)
Masters in Information Technology (M.I.T.) Course (issued on 22 May 2007)
Exploring Educational Leadership in the Euro-Med Region (issued on 19 May 2007)
'The Maltese Enlightenment' Lecture at the Universita di Roma 3 (issued on 19 May 2007)
Media and Maltese Society, a Book by Dr Carmen Sammut (issued on 17 May 2007)
Fp6 Project on Social Cohesion at the Faculty of Education (issued on 16 May 2007)
University of Malta and University of Palermo Meetings on Agriculture and Fisheries (issued on 14 May 2007)
Gwen Gatt at International Nursing Research Conference (issued on 14 May 2007)
Science Dean’s Awards (issued on 10 May 2007)
University of Malta in another European Research Project in Aeronautics, E-Cab (issued on 10 May 2007)
Annual Presentation of Awards 2007 by the Department of Accountancy (issued on 9 May 2007)
M.Sc. in Lifelong Learning for Regional Development (issued on 4 May 2007)
Working Together to Safeguard the Environment (issued on 27 April 2007)
Fourth James Madison University Summer School May - June 2007 (issued on 27 April 2007)
Geographers meet in Malta to discuss Geography in the 21st Century (issued on 20 April 2007)
Library Tours for University Staff (issued on 19 April 2007)
Malta Medical Journal - March 2007 (issued on 18 April 2007)
A Bedouin Tent on Campus (issued on 13 April 2007)
Designing Future Possibilities (issued on 13 April 2007)
Maltese Academic among Fifty Top Thinkers asked to set out their Ideas for Europe (issued on 5 April 2007)
Publication on Living Theology (issued on 4 April 2007)
Maltese Marine Biologists to present Research Results at Major International Marine Science Congress (issued on 3 April 2007)
Emergence of a New Picture of the Maltese Holocene Environment (issued on 3 April 2007)
Talks in Milan and Verona (issued on 2 April 2007)
Ground Breaking Work by University of Malta Academics Making International Headlines (issued on 30 March 2007)
Professor Briguglio presents a paper on Competition Law and Policy in Small Jurisdictions (issued on 29 March 2007)
Project MaSpi - Sustainable Management of Beach Resources in Sicily and Malta (issued on 28 March 2007)
University of Malta Students in Dialogue with Business Community (issued on 28 March 2007)
Presentations about Early Childhood Education and Care (issued on 26 March 2007)
Public Seminar on Industry-to-Academia Collaboration (issued on 23 March 2007)
Four-day Induction Course for New Administrative Staff (issued on 23 March 2007)
Setting up of a Malta Society of Pharmacology (issued on 23 March 2007)
Anita Perry First Lady of Texas visits the University of Malta (issued on 23 March 2007)
'Is the Gospel Good News or Is It Boring?' (issued on 21 March 2007)
Foreign Students Learn Maltese (issued on 16 March 2007)
World Authority Speaks about the Learning of Human Flavour Preference (issued on 13 March 2007)
Dr Mark-Anthony Falzon at the University of Mumbai (issued on 9 March 2007)
Open Week at the Faculty of Science (issued on 8 March 2007)
Teatru Qroqq Theatre Productions for Schools in 2007 (issued on 8 March 2007)
AEGEE celebrates Ten Years (issued on 7 March 2007)
Bilateral Agreement between the Universities of Malta and Leicester (issued on 6 March 2007)
New Technological Frontiers for Mediterranean Navigation (issued on 2 March 2007)
Getting the Balance Right - Gender Balance in Advertising (issued on 2 March 2007)
Presentation of ECDL Certificates (issued on 1 March 2007)
Management Committee Meeting for the COST Action C16 (issued on 1 March 2007)
The 15th Edition of the Gozo Observer (issued on 26 February 2007)
Faculty of Education 25th Anniversary Book Launch (issued on 26 February 2007)
Public Seminar - Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing 2002 (issued on 23 February 2007)
Visit of His Grace, Mgr. Paul Cremona, O.P. to the University of Malta - 21st February 2007 (issued on 21 February 2007)
Dr Neville Vassallo's paper in a book by Nova Science Publishers (issued on 21 Febrary 2007)
Faculty of Education Publication presented to The President of Malta (issued on 19 Febrary 2007)
Socrates-Erasmus Exchange between the University of Malta and Universidad de Valladolid, Spain (issued on 8 February 2007)
New Paper by Professor Charles Savona-Ventura in Nova Biomedical Book (issued on 8 February 2007)
IOI-MOC runs the second IOI Training Course on Ocean Governance (issued on 7 February 2007)
Socrates/Erasmus and Transfer and Exchange Students at the University of Malta (issued on 2 February 2007)
Pacem in Maribus XXXII Conference - Women, Youth and the Sea (issued on 2 February 2007)
University Laboratory of Molecular Genetics wins prizes at the 6th Malta Medical School Conference (issued on 1 February 2007)
New Paper by Professor Godfrey A. Pirotta in U.K. Journal (issued on 1 February 2007)
Faculty of Education - Anniversary Volume (issued on 25 January 2007)
Journal of Maltese Education Research Vol. 4 No. 2 (issued on 25 January 2007)
Student Award in Microelectronics (issued on 23 January 2007)
Design of Joint European Masters Degree nets over €600.000 (issued on 22 January 2007)
Three-day Course Effective Project Management the critical skills and techniques (issued on 18 January 2007)
Interdisciplinarity – the Only Way to Go (issued on 17 January 2007)
Access to Professional Training for Persons with Disability (issued on 16 January 2007)
IHC Graduates studying at the University of Salford (issued on 12 January 2007)