Press Releases 2002 
More University Staff Accelerate their Computer Skills with ECDL

Academic paper read at Université Paris X

Malta's First Grid-Connected Solar Photovoltaic System Reaches 10,000 kWh of Electricity Production (11.12.02)

Chinese students at the University of Malta present 'Experience China' on Thursday, 12 December 2002 at Student House on campus

CBM Award for Outstanding Dissertations (03.12.02)

Prizes for Public Policy Students

Smile for Albania's Eighth Annual Visit

Human Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility Conference (04.12.02)

Ing. Robert N. Farrugia of the Institute for Energy Technology has just returned from a three-months Fulbright Scholarship

University of Malta Graduation 2002
Let Me Learn Project Malta (26.11.02)

Prize-giving Day at the Institute of Public Administration and Management (26.11.02)

A public lecture focusing on Early Childhood Education: Use of and satisfaction with child-care small KG centres in Malta (26.11.02)

Prize-giving Day at the Institute of Public Administration and Management (24.11.02)

Graduation Ceremonies - November 2002 (15.11.02)

Position Paper on Integrating Marine Science in Europe (08.11.02)

Public Lecture with the theme "In Defence of Public Policy" Professor David Milne (08.11.02)

International Workshop on the "European Monetary Union" in Gozo supported by the European Commission (08.11.02)

Philosophy Society Meeting - Shifting the Reproductive Age: Grandmothering and Reproductive Aging (07.11.02)
Chinese delegation meets the University Rector and Chinese students
Eighteenth-Century Studies
Krysztof Najdowski to give two units on Body Language and the Art of Mime (09.10.02)
International Human Rights Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility - Malta, 13 - 14 November 2002

Theatre Traffic jams at Teatru Manoel
Philosophy Society Meeting - Wittgenstein, McDowell and Quietism (01.10.02)
University Academic Year 2002 - 2003 (29.09.02)
Accreditation of Health & Safety University Diploma (29.09.02)
Presentation of Books on Folklore Studies (27.09.02)
University of Malta - Victoria University Agreement (26.09.02)

Teatru Qroqq
Visit by ASHP CEO to Pharmacy Dapartment (26.08.02)
The University Gozo Centre - from Vision to Reality (26.08.02)
European Summer School on Ageing and Health in Europe: Challenges and Opportunities (31.07.02)
The Scream 2002 (09.07.02)
Projects Exhibitions 2002 organised by Faculty of Engineering & the Board of Studies for Information Technology (03.07.02)
University Admissions 2002 (03.07.02)
Junior College Orientation and Admissions 2002 (03.07.02)
Evenings on Campus 2002 - Connecting Cultures (01.07.02)

Methode - University Collaboration (28.06.02)
Presentation of books to the Library (12.06.02)

Arts Dean's List (06.06.02)
Workshop organised by the University of Malta Geographical Society
The Sustainability Indicators-Malta Observatory (SIMO) was set up in 2000 with the aim of establishing a system for the collection, evaluation, storage and dissemination of data and information on the environment and sustainable development.

Gozo Centre One-Day Seminar - The Child with Dyslexia and the Teacher in the Classroom (04.05.02)
Gozo Centre Short Course in 'Psychology and Ritual' (03.05.02)
Gozo Centre One-Day Seminar - Financial and Corporate Sector Regulation - an update (30.04.02 )
Ralph Arrigo Lecture 2002 (26.04.02)
Philosophy Society Meeting (26.04.02)
Seminar in Comparative Literatures (26.04.02)
Performance of Eugene Ionesco's The Lesson by Theatre Studies Students (25.04.02)
Democracy and Bureaucracy - EU Enlargement and the Future of Europe (25.04.02)
Gozo Lace Day 2002 (21.04.02)
MAMA - the first MedGOOS project - launched in Paris (04.04.02)
Eurachem-Malta activities (03.04.02)

VIA exhibition at the Chapel, University of Malta (March 02)

A God who heals in Darkness - art, culture, spirituality (22.03.02)
Guidelines for the Management of COPD (14.03.02)
INSPEC Ondisc Database (08.03.02)
Foucault and the Rhetoric of Confession (21.02.02)
Decision making in disability (14.02.02)
Visiting Fulbright Professor at the University of Malta - Professor Richard Fredland (14.02.02)
GhSL and the Chamber of Advocates launch "Pracitce Link" (13.02.02)

Towards Evidence-Based Health Care Reform (11.02.02)
Lecture on Byron (12.02.02)
Baroque Routes Newsletter 2001 (03.02.02)
Work in Progress Seminars (February 2002)
Tremor (30.01.02)
Second Conference of the Association of Commonwealth Examination and Accreditation Bodies  (24.01.02)
The Middlesea Group assists Cancer Research in Malta (18.01.02)
Second-Hand Book Fair on Campus (17.01.02)
Community Life at the Central Mediterranean,

A Socio-Demographic History of the Maltese Harbour Towns, Bormla 1587-1815 (12.01.02)
A Comparative Lexical Study of Qur'anic Arabic (11.01.02)
Diabetes Mellitus in the Maltese Islands C.P.D. Meeting (10.01.02)
School Visits to the Argotti Gardens (January 2002)
Work in Progress Seminars (January 2002)
University Staff Welfare Committee Focuses on Holistic Well-being (January 2002)
Postgraduate Diploma and Degree of Master of Science in Conservation Technology for Masonry Buildings