PRESS RELEASES 2006 Malta Medical Journal - issue 4 of volume 18 (issue on 30 December 2006)

TEFL Courses at the University of Malta for Chinese Lecturers (issued on 21 December 2006)
The European Joint Master’s Programme, EMA-PS, holds Pre-launch Test Run (issued on 15 December 2006)
Studying for a Taught MA in English at the University of Malta (issued on 14 December 2006)
Promoting Local and EU Research toward reducing the Loss of Biodiversity (issued on 12 December 2006)
The Department of Computer Information Systems engaged in MSDYNAA Program (issued on 11 December 2006)

Seminar on Gender Violence (issued on 11 December 2006)
Award of Europass Diploma Supplement (issued on 5 December 2006)
Foreign Students learn Maltese at the University of Malta (issued on 5 December 2006)
Graduation Ceremonies 2006 (issued on 1 December 2006)
Another Issue of Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies (issued on 30 November 2006)
Sociology and Pedagogy Book launched in Malta (issued on 29 November 2006)
Awards Presentation Night of “Youth & the Oceans – The Artworks Competition” (issued on 27 November 2006)
In-service Training Course focusing on the Common Agricultural Policy (issued on 23 November 2006)
Department of Physics records Seismic Activity (issued on 23 November 2006)
Institute of Forensic Studies participates in PHOENIX Project (issued on 23 November 2006)
Official from the University Consortium of Small Island States visits the University of Malta (issued on 14 November 2006)
Science through Theatre (issued on 9 November 2006)
Seminar on EU Green Paper on Maritime Policy (issued on 2 November 2006)
Professor Lino Briguglio talks about the Value-added of Tourism in the Maltese Islands (issued on 1 November 2006)
Third International Conference on Polyphenols (issued on 1 November 2006)
Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Educational Research Contributions to Analysis of Educational Challenges (issued on 31 October 2006)
Winners of Youth & the Oceans – The Artworks Competition (issued on 27 October 2006)
Augustine, Aristotelianism and Aquinas (issued on 26 October 2006)
Dr Janet Mifsud on Advisory Board of EPICURE (issued on 26 October 2006)
A large-scale European Infrastructure for Biodiversity Research (issued on 20 October 2006)
Malta Medical Journal 2006, Issue 3 (issued on 19 October 2006)
IOI-Malta embarks on an Interreg III - ARCHIMED project on Weather Risk Reduction in the Central and Eastern Mediterranean (RISKMED) (issued on 19 October 2006)
Delegation from University visits Crimsonwing (issued on 17 October 2006)
Biometrics Industry Association – Consolidating and Strengthening the Biometrics Industry (issued on 14 October 2006)
More Maltese Interpreters pass Accreditation Tests to work for EU Institutions (issued on 14 October 2006)
Honorary Appointments (issued on 13 October 2006)
A publication edited by Professor Joseph Troisi (issued on 10 October 2006)
Publication by Dr Martin Zammit (issued on 10 October 2006)
Rural Settlement in England - Lecture by Professor Brian Roberts (issued on 6 October 2006)
A New Publication edited by Dr Keith Sciberras (issued on 5 October 2006)
Research Work on Atmospheric Chemistry (issued on 2 October 2006)
Opening of Academic Year 2006-2007 (issued on 29 September 2006)
Play by Aldo Nicolaj at MITP (issued on 28 September 2006)
Adriana Vella lectures on Blue Fin Tuna (issued on 28 September 2006)
Seminar by a Trio of Irish Folk Musicians at the University of Malta (issued on 28 September 2006)
Training Courses organised by the Department of Chemistry (issued on 26 September 2006)
Kids on Campus – Sports Festival (issued on 22 September 2006)
Xummiemu Day (issued on 22 September 2006)
International Conference - Captifs en Méditerranée (XVIe–XVIIIe siècles): Histoires, récits, légendes (issued on 6 September 2006)
UoM Kids on Campus Tree Planting Event (issued on 1 September 2006)
IOI-Malta Operational Centre participates in the SeaDataNet Project (issued on 14 August 2006)
The 8th Biennial Meeting of the International Quantum Structure Association (IQSA) (issued on 14 August 2006)
One Sport Fits and fun at the University of Malta (issued on 4 August 2006)
University hosts Philosophers of Education (issued on 1 August 2006)
Evenings on Campus - Cantastorie (issued on 20 July 2006)
Do you want to become a Conference Interpreter/Translator? (issued on 19 July 2006)
Election to European Epilepsy Academy (issued on 18 July 2006)
Meeting between the University of Malta and the Malta Labour Party (issued on 11 July 2006)
Faculty of Education - Summer Institute (issued on 6 July 2006)
Government presented with Five-year Plan to improve Innovation Score (issued on 6 July 2006)
New Rector takes up office at the University of Malta (issued on 3 July 2006)
Foundation Course in Exercise and Fitness (issued on 30 June 2006)
EMPAFISH Project (issued on 23 June 2006)
TUNING Programme (issued on 23 June 2006)
Foundation Course in Economics and Accounting at the University of Malta Gozo Centre (issued on 16 June 2006)
The Special Needs Unit Dyslexia Assessment Research Project (D.A.R.P.) (issued on 16 June 2006)
Worldwide Nurses to Celebrate History of Human Caring in Malta (issued on 16 June 2006)
New Publication by Joseph Troisi and Marvin Formosa (issued on 16 June 2006)
Masters in Information Technology (M.I.T.) Course (issued on 14 June 2006)
University Team Wins 2006 National ICT R&D Award (issued on 14 June 2006)
Lend a Hand 2006 (issued on 12 June 2006)
The Edward de Bono Seminar 2006 (issued on 12 June 2006)
New Book by Prof. Godfrey A. Pirotta (issued on 9 June 2006)
Short Course and one-day Seminars at the University of Malta Gozo Centre (issued on 2 June 2006)
Marine Biodiversity Exposed (issued on 2 June 2006)
German Translation of Prof. Peter Mayo's Book (issued on 2 June 2006)
Atmospheric Forecast for the Maltese Islands (issued on 1 June 2006)
EU/CANADA Project – CEMMENTI (issued on 1 June 2006)
Mediterranean Seagrass Workshop (issued on 29 May 2006)
Art Installations at the University Library (issued on 26 May 2006)
The Institute Health Care hosts the James Madison University Summer School (issued on 24 May 2006)
International Conference on Sustainable Tourism (issued on 24 May 2006)
Department of Italian Seminar - 25 May (issued on 19 May 2006)

The National Commission for Higher Education: A Dialogue - 25 May (issued on 19 May 2006)

Dean's Award – Faculty of Science 2006 (issued on 19 May 2006)

Dr Adriana Vella participates in the Annual European Cetacean Society Conference (issued on 19 May 2006)
Literature and Comparison Seminar Series - 22 May (issued on 19 May 2006)
Two Lectures by Professor Marina Warner (issued on 5 May 2006)
Workshop on Seismicity and Earthquake Engineering in the Extended Mediterranan Region (issued on 3 May 2006)
Our Best Kept Secret (issued on 18 April 2006)
SPICES Transnational Meeting on Campus (issued on 18 April 2006)
International Workshop on ‘Reconstructing an Index of Economic Resilience’ (issued on 10 April 2006)
Staff Development Seminars 24 March 2006 (issued on 7 April 2006)
GrundtvigI Let Me Learn Final Meeting (issued on 24 March 2006)
Department of Public Policy Annual Presentation and Public Lecture (issued on 24 March 2006)
Mediterranean Journal of Human Rights Volume 9 No. 2 (issued on 24 March 2006)
A Concert of Early Church Music (issued on 24 March 2006)
Work in Progress Seminars - 29 March (issued on 24 March 2006)
Dr Grace Grima - President of ACEAB (issued on 24 March 2006)
Conferment of the Degree of Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) on Dr Klaus Töpfer (issued on 22 March 2006)
Literature and Comparison Seminar Series - 27 March 2006 (issued on 22 March 2006)

Election of Rector (issued on 22 March 2006)
Vision Statement by Professor Juanito Camilleri (21 March 2006)
Bologna Promoters Conference 2006 (issued 17 March 2006)
Foreign Students Learn Maltese (issued on 17 March 2006)
Prof. Robert Ghirlando attends WFEO World Congress on Engineering Education (issued on 16 March 2006)
Work in Progress Seminars - 22 March 2006 (issued on 16 March 2006)
Digitization of Early University Registers (issued on 16 March 2006)
The Rector of the University of Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV) visits the University of Malta (issued on 16 March 2006)
Next Session in the Literature and Comparison Seminar Series (issued on 13 March 2006)
Cooperation Agreement with Japanese University (issued on 10 March 2006)
Literacy Unit Activities in 2005/6 (issued on 10 March 2006)
Lenten Reflections at University (issued on 9 March 2006)
Literature and Comparison: Nation and Narration (issued on 6 March 2006)
Intercultural Competence and the Classroom Context (issued on 1 March 2006)
Malta University Graduate wins US University Scholarship (issued on 1 March 2006)
EU Interpreting Booths Project (issued on 24 February 2006)
Professor Ronald Sultana appointed Fellow of NICEC (issued on 23 February 2006)
The Gozo Observer (issued on 23 February 2006)
Free-Gifts Campaign – Relaunched – New Offers! (issued on 23 February 2006)
Literature and Comparison Seminar Series: Talk by Professor Anthony J. Frendo (issued on 22 February 2006)
The Launching of Criminology in Malta: Criminology Short Courses (issued on 22 February 2006)
Short Course and One-Day Seminar at the University of Malta Gozo Centre (issued on 16 February 2006)
Literature and Comparison: Seminar on "Posthumanism and Gender" (issued on 16 February 2006)
Seminar on Physical Geography, 8 February 2006 (issued on 16 February 2006)
Mediterranean Master's Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation Graduation (issued on 16 February 2006)
Department of Italian launches an E-Learning EU Project (issued on 16 February 2006)
Malta's First Technical Research on a Vertical Solar Photovoltaic System (issued on 9 February 2006)
E-Science and the EU – University of Malta hosts first EUMEDGRID Project Meeting (issued on 6 February 2006)
Staff Development Seminars (issued on 24 January 2006)
Third Graduate Tracer Study (issued on 13 January 2006)
Award of 'Gieh Ghawdex' for University Professor (issued on 13 January 2006)
Another Issue of the Journal of Maltese Education Research (issued on 13 January 2006)